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Drama In Sierra Leone As Corpse Walks To The House Of Ritualist That Killed Her

A corpse in Kent, Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone has exposed its killer after forcefully walking its undertakers to the house of the alleged murderer.

The corpse exposed its killer after several attempts to enter the said house of its murderer on the day of her funeral.

In the video obtained by Sierraloaded, a group of men were seen carrying a coffin and a strange force were taking them towards the entrance of a house.

According to the witnesses, the corpse is said to be a victim of ritual murder in Kent Village, and the house it was entering was alleged to be that of the ritualist that murdered her.

This is just one in many instances where such scenarios have occurred in the country.

Watch and listen to the video below:

Source:- Sierraloaded

APC Responsible For Killings In Nigeria – PDP

May 31, 2021

Press Statement

PDP Insists APC is Responsible for Killings in Nigeria…Berates APC For Seeking To Politicize Gulak’s Murder

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stands by its findings and declaration that the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its leaders are responsible for the killings, bloodletting and acts of terrorism in our country.

The PDP asserts that the resort to blackmail, threats and attack on the PDP and other well-meaning Nigerians as witnessed in APC’ statement today, in which it attempted to trivialize, politicize and dismiss the alarming violence in the country, cannot deter the PDP from further exposing the atrocities of the APC and its leaders.

Our party insists that every material evidence shows that the APC and its leaders are implementing their supporter of APC agenda to balkanize and destroy our nation through their unholy body language, divisive policies, violent acts, abuse of human rights, disregard to our national sensibilities and shameful patronizing of terrorists and bandits, which have led to widespread killings, violence and dissonances across our nation.

The APC and its administration have become sanctuaries of known and self-confessed terrorism apologists and individuals known to openly romance with bandits and terrorists.

The APC and its government would rather blame victims of violence instead of going after the assailants and bringing them to book as witnessed in the case of the 43 rice farmer killed by terrorists in Borno as well as the murder of the former political adviser to erstwhile President Goodluck Joanthan, Barr. Ahmed Gulak.

Our party sternly berates the national leadership of the APC for seeking, in its press statement today, to politicize the gruesome murder of a prominent Nigerian like Ahmed Gulak, an incident that happened in a state under its control, instead of forcefully condemning that act and giving its government a definite marching order to bring the culprits to book.

Nigerians are still expecting some explanations from the APC and its government over that gruesome murder in Ngor Okpalla.

It is rather absurd and a mark of leadership failure that the APC is attacking the PDP for exposing its failures and complicity in the violence and killings in our country but has failed to provide answers to revelations that many of the bandits, terrorists and kidnappers ravaging our nation are political mercenaries it imported, as criminal thugs, to assist it to unleash violence on Nigerians during elections.

These APC mercenaries, having no stake in our national life, are now killing and maiming Nigerians and turning their evil enterprise, emboldened by the APC, into a lucrative venture by extorting money through huge ransoms.

Of course, it is no longer news that parents of kidnapped students of Greenfield University Kaduna paid N180 million and motorcycles to the abductor to secure the release of their children and wards. Just on the heels of the release of the university students, over 200 students were abducted from another school in Tegina, Niger state.

We challenge APC to come clean on the connection of its leaders with these bandits as well as why it has never raised a strong voice against the incessant mass abduction of students in various parts of the country.

Our party wants the APC and its leaders to know that they must answer for their atrocities and that this resort to blackmails, threats and distortion of facts will not sway Nigerians.

Let it be known to them that surely, they will account for all the blood they have spilled.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary

Sowore Discharged, Returns Home

PHOTO NEWS: Omoyele Sowore Discharged From Hospital, Returns Home

Buhari Appoints Babagana Kingibe As Special Envoy On Chad, Lake Chad Basin

President Muhammadu Buhari, has approved the appointment of Ambassador Babagana Kingibe, as his Special Envoy to Chad and the Lake Chad Basin Region.

Secretary to the Government of the Federation SGF, Mr Boss Mustapha who disclosed this in a statement Monday in Abuja said the appointment is of a “Cabinet Rank Status”.

The statement reads; “President Muhammadu Buhari, has approved the appointment of Ambassador Babagana Kingibe, as his Special Envoy with Cabinet Rank Status, to Chad and the Lake Chad Basin Region.

“This appointment of a Special Envoy by the President is also in consonance with the resolution of the Extraordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Lake Chad Basin Commission Member Countries, on the situation in Chad on the 25th of May, 2021.

“The Special Envoy will amongst others: Monitor developments in Chad and the Lake Chad Basin Region; aid reconciliation and seamless progress towards return to democratic rule at the end of the current Transitional Military Council’s rule; Collaborate with member Countries and partners in the region with similar initiatives to restore stability, promote peace and, security; and, Promote any other initiative ancillary to the restoration of peace and security in Chad, the North East Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin Region.

“President Buhari has by this appointment demonstrated the determination of Nigeria to lead regional security efforts that will stabilize the Lake Chad Basin Region, bring peace to Chad and ultimately eliminate the Boko Haram Insurgency in the North East zone of Nigeria.

“This is also a fulfillment of the President’s promise to General Mahamat Deby Itno, the President of the Transitional Military Council of Chad, to support a seamless progress towards return to democratic rule, when he visited Nigeria in May, 2021

“The Special Envoy, Ambassador Babagana Kingibe is an accomplished multi-lingual diplomat, who had at various times served the nation as Federal Permanent Secretary, Secretary to the Constituent Assembly, Cabinet Minister and Secretary to the Government of the Federation. He had also participated in previous Nigeria-led Chadian reconciliation talks (Kano 1 & II as well as Lagos 1 & II)”.

Source:- Vanguard

Gulak’s Death: It’s Too Early For Uzodinma To Assume Assassination – Wike

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has said that his Imo State counterpart, Hope Uzodinma was hasty in pronouncing that the death of APC chieftain, Ahmed Gulak was a political assassination.

In a broadcast on Monday, Governor Uzodinma expressed shock over the killing of the APC stalwart, describing the incident as an unfortunate clear case of political assassination, a sentiment that Governor Wike did not share.

While appearing as a guest on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Wike said his Imo counterpart should have exercised patience and allow the security agencies to do the job for which they were established.

Source:- Channels Tv

Meet The ‘Talkative’ Dinosaur That Roamed Mexico 73 Million Years Ago (Photos)

Meet the ‘talkative’ dinosaur! Creature that roamed Mexico 73 million years ago emitted ‘strong sounds’ to scare away predators and lure in potential mates

Palaeontologists have unearthed a species of ‘talkative’ dinosaur from 73 million years ago that emitted ‘strong sounds’ to scare off predators and attract mates.

The crested creature — Tlatolophus galorum — was found near General Cepeda in north-east Mexico by experts with the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

The articulated tail of the newly-identified hadrosaur (or ‘duck-billed dinosaur’) has been placed on public display in the municipal seat of General Cepeda.

According to the researchers, the tail of T. galorum was found first, back in 2013, with subsequent excavations revealing around 80 per cent of the dinosaur’s skull, its 4.3 feet (1.3 metre) -long crest, as well as bones including the femur and shoulder.

‘Although we had lost hope of finding the top of the specimen, once we recovered the tail we continued digging under where it was located,’ said paper author Ángel Ramírez-Velasco of National Autonomous University of Mexico.

‘The surprise was that we began to find bones such as the femur, the scapula and other elements,’ he added.

Analysis of the crest and nose showed that T. galorum differed from other hadrosaur specimens recovered from the region.

In all ‘lambeosaurines’ — the crested hadrosaurs — the crest is suspected to have had a communicative function, with its numerous internal passages and connections to the nose and trachea allowing to function much like a trumpet.

‘We know that they had ears with the capacity of hearing low-frequency sounds, so they must have been peaceful but talkative dinosaurs,’ the researchers said.

The team explained that the dinosaur was exceptionally well-preserved.

‘About 72 or 73 million years ago, a huge herbivore dinosaur died in what must have been a body of water full of sediment, so that its body was quickly covered by the earth and could be preserved through the ages,’ the experts said in a statement.

‘It is an exceptional case in Mexican palaeontology,’ they continued.

‘Highly favourable events had to occur millions of years ago, when Coahuila was a tropical region, like a great coastal plain, for [the dinosaur] to be conserved in the conditions it was found in.’

According to the National Institute of Anthropology and History, the dinosaur’s crest resembles ‘a symbol used by Mesoamerican people in ancient manuscripts to represent the action of communication and knowledge itself.’

To reflect this, the name given to the newly identified genus was derived from ‘tlahtolli’ — which means ‘word’ or ‘statement’ in the indigenous Nahuatl language of Central Mexico — and ‘lophus’, a Greek word which means ‘crest’.

T. galorum’s species name, meanwhile, is a nod to people — Jesús Garza Arocha as well as the López family — who provided support to the researchers.

The full findings of the study were published in the journal Cretaceous Research.

Edo 2020: Oshiomhole Lauds Supreme Court, Congratulates Obaseki

FORMER governor of Edo state and former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has congratulated Governor Godwin Obaseki on his recent victory at the Supreme Court over his alleged certificate forgery.

A letter written by Oshiomhole to Obaseki and made available to newsmen by his media aide, Victor Oshioke reads: “Congratulations on your victory at the Supreme Court which has effectively laid to rest all matters arising from the last election.

“As I had repeatedly reminded you during our several meetings, our relationship has through the years developed beyond being friends to being brothers of different parents. Whatever happened is unfortunate and I believe God has reasons for everything.

“I have put all behind me and moved on. As I have consistently advised, please be magnanimous in victory. You are the Governor of all Edo people regardless of political leanings. Once again, congratulations Excellency! Please accept the renewed assurances of my very best wishes and high regards.”


Hope Uzodinma: Gulak’s Death Is A Clear Case Of Political Assassination

Governor Hope Uzodinma has described the murder of APC chieftain, Ahmed Gulak as a clear case of ‘Political Assassination’.

The governor made this comment during a Press Conference on the unfortunate incident on Monday. Uzodinma expressed deep sadness over the occurrence adding that the late Gulak was a close friend.

“It is with a very heavy heart that I address you today. The pain of losing a person or loved one, the horror of holding your family member in his or her final moments, the anger of someone being so reckless, so thoughtless that their bullet destroyed your life, are emotions no individual should ever have to endure.”

“I sympathize with the families of those who lost their lives through stray bullets during thi s period. As you know, the death of anyone diminishes mankind. But the brutal and callous assassination of Alhaji Ahmed Gulak yesterday, Sunday, May 30th, 2021 on his way to the Sam Mbakwe Cargo Airport, is painful because he did not deserve to die that way.”

“The death of this compatriot is a personal loss to me because he was an invaluable friend and brother whose sense of justice, fairness and uprightness endeared him to me.”

He disclosed that Gulak was on an official assignment in Imo state.

“Alhaji Ahmed Gulak was in Imo State for a national assignment. He came to Owerri with the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendment. Being a humble man, he chose to travel incognito according to his friend who was with him. Someone must have trailed him from the hotel to the airport. That is exactly why his gruesome murder appears to be a clear case of political assassination.”

“According to reports by the police, he was shot in cold blood and the assailants did not remove a pin from him. It is most benumbing that people chose to waste such an innocent blood in such a dastardly and cowardly manner.”

He vowed that those responsible for Gulak’s death will definitely be brought to book. Uzodinma also revealed that his convoy was never attacked.

“Finally, let me also clarify the story trending on the social media platforms, that my convoy was attacked, my convoy was never attacked. That is the wish of those who murdered Gulak,” he said.

Source:- Politics Nigeria

Zamfara Has Spent 970 Million On Ransom Payments

Addressing a press conference on April 2, the Commissioner of Information in Zamfara, Ibrahim Dosara, revealed that no fewer than 2,619 people were killed in the state between 2011 and 2019.

He added that bandits abducted 1,190 people from various parts of Zamfara in the last eight years, and over 100,000 people were displaced from their ancestral homes as a result of bandits’ activities, while 14,378 livestock were rustled within the period.

Dosara noted that the Zamfara State government has spent the sum of N970 million on payment of ransom to bandits to secure the release of kidnapped victims since 2011.

He lamented that there were more than 100 different camps and over 30,000 bandits operating across Zamfara and beyond, but the state government would continue with its amnesty programme for bandits as part of measures to secure its people.

Source:- Channels Tv

Amotekun To Patrol Southwest Borders

Chairman of Council of Amotekun Commanders in the Southwest region, Chief Adetunji Adeyeye, has said operatives of the Amotekun corps would engage in inter-state border patrol in the Southwest to ensure synergy in crime fighting.

The Corps Commander of Ondo Amotekun said the synergy expected among the Southwest states would be enhanced so that a criminal that escaped from Ondo to Ekiti could be easily apprehended

Adeyeye, who spoke in Akure, said the destruction of farmlands by herders in Ondo State has greatly reduced owing to enforcement of the ban on open grazing.

He said herders now offer money to farmers whose crops were destroyed unlike previously when they would walk away.

His words: “Being Chairman of the Council of Amotekun Commanders is a greater call to service. The Commanders of the various states in the Southwest region met to deliberate on the way forward and they picked me as the Chairman.

“A fallout of the meeting is that we agreed on inter border patrol of major highway and all the routes in our various states. We intend to reduce armed robbery and kidnappings on highway.

“We noticed kidnappings take place on bad spots on the road where motorists are expected to slow down.

“We are to enforce the ban on open grazing. We apprehend herders on a daily basis. There is reduction in the destruction of farmlands by herders in Ondo State.

“The awareness is open now that no herder can destroy people’s farm and go scot free. As a Nigeria you can do your business but do not destroy the other person’s business. Once an herder destroys a farmland he is treated as a criminal.

“There has been no glaring case of herders destroying farmlands in Ondo. The last one we heard, before we got there the herder has pleaded and paid the farmer. It was the farmer that told us he has already be paid.”

Adeyeye further called for capital punishment without option of fine to be meted out to kidnappers.

Source:- The Nation

Mopol Slaps Suruche’s Girlfriend At Atican Beach Resort Hotel In Lagos

The matter of Suruche, who was accused of a stolen iPhone and the drugging of a young girl last week, that caused a stir on social media as well, doesn’t seem over because this is yet a new allegation in which the hotel he lodged in Lekki is now accusing him of constituting nuisance and still accusing him of the missing iPhone

This footage given to me by Suruche’s management shows how a Mopol security guard beat up Suruche’s new girlfriend who visited him at the Atican beach resort hotel.

The Mopol security officer who was with him in the same case last week saw Suruche and accused him of being the man behind the missing IPhone and of resisting arrest, but Suruche was obliged to warn the Mopol that the case has been over and the DPO has solved the matter .

The girlfriend Suruche had to defend Suruche, in answer to the Mopol officer, saying that the mopol security officer, if he had noticed a missing telephone with Suruche before, so the Mopol would then need to notify the hotel’s Attican Beach Resort manager later when the heat of the argument went up, the Manager had to order the Mopol security to slap her for the fact he claimed they are constituting nonsense in the environment.

Suruche was astonished when the manager ordered the Mopol personnel to take on the lady which he did, and it was such a sad scene for a station officer to attack an innocent lady.

Suruche was able to film it with his telephone, which confirms the attack.


Security Agencies Labeling, Arresting Innocent Youths As IPOB/ESN Members – Intersociety Raises Alarm

Security agencies have been called out for allegedly arresting and labeling innocent Igbo youths as members of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

According to DailyPost, the human rights group, International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law (Intersociety) made the allegation on Monday.

In a statement signed by its Board of Trustees Chairman, Mr Emeka Umeagbalasi, the indiscriminate arrest, torture and even extrajudicial killing is not only limited to Monday’s sit-at-home protest but has been on since the beginning of this year, just as it listed some names of victims of arrest and detention.

“We have received over 100 phone calls and messages from members of the public testifying in favour of the abducted and slain citizens named above.

“Intersociety hereby calls on the Nigeria Police Force and Nigerian Army to immediately and unconditionally release all the citizens named above and desist from perpetration and perpetuation of such dastardly acts including frame-ups and trumped-up allegations or charges, spilling of innocent blood as a mark of gallantry, abductions and disappearances, extrajudicial killings and other forms of genocidal operations going on in the East.”

The group titled the statement: Graphic Details of how soldiers, Police, others in the East hatefully/falsely label & abduct innocent citizens and spill their blood for gallantry.

“These have led to not less than 170 open killings, secret abduction and permanent disappearance or feared unlawful execution in the custody of no fewer than 550 and general arrest/abduction of not less than 2100.

“The arrested/abducted are presently held in different open and secret dungeons located within and outside the East and among those outside the East are Makurdi Prisons in Benue State where over 300 were recently found to have been transferred and kept.

“Others are conventional and unconventional military, police and SSS detention facilities in Abuja, Niger State and other undisclosed locations in the North. They are also in Owerri, Awka, Port Harcourt and Abakiliki State CIDs and Prison or Correctional facilities such as Owerri Prisons holding over 130 including 107 remanded days ago.

“Shockingly, in the past one week or Monday 24th to Sunday 30th May 2021, not less than 30 open and secret killings by soldiers and police have taken place with most taking place in Imo State where scores of corpses have been freshly traced to the mortuaries of the Government Medical Centers,” the statement read.

Man Living With His Younger Brother Allegedly Dies Of Heart Attack After His Wife Gave Birth To A Baby Who Has His Brother’s Birth Mark

A Twitter user has narrated how a man died of heart attack after his wife he suspected of being unfaithful gave birth to a baby who has the same birthmark as his younger brother.

The Twitter user claims the deceased lived with his wealthy younger brother and knew his brother had been sleeping with his wife but kept calm because his brother is his benefactor.

However, the man’s wife is said to have welcomed a baby boy on Sunday morning, May 30, and when her husband saw the baby, he noticed the child has the same birthmark as his younger brother and he collapsed.

See Reaction Below:-

We Are Watching Nigeria Slip Into Anarchy – Actress Rita Dominic

Actress Rita Dominic has lamented on social media over the killings going on in the country.

In a tweet posted today May 31, Rita said everyone is watching Nigeria slip into anarchy.

Her tweet reads

”I am afraid that we are watching Nigeria slip into anarchy. It is surreal. Our elected officials need to work harder to douse the tension in the country. We need peace to reign. Harassing and killing innocent citizens can never solve anything.”

Having Sex On First Date Does Not Mean A Lady Is Loose – Pretty Mike

Controversial Nigerian socialite and businessman, Pretty Mike, has disclosed that being intimate with a lady on the first date does not make her cheap.

In an interview with the Punch, he said, “I have had s3x on a first date plenty times. It is a normal occurrence these days.

There is nothing wrong with it. Some people have asked that what happened to getting to know one another well but s3xual intimacy is part of the process.

Sometimes, sex helps in a relationship. Having s3x on a first date does not mean that the lady is loose or has no morals. As a matter of fact, one can tell whether a woman has loose morals without even having sex with her.”

Shedding more light on the Instagram post he made during the week where he claimed that a lady attempted to force a child on him after a one night rendezvous.

He said, “I thought of having a DNA test for the child but at the same time, I was hesitant. I got carried away by the sight of the baby and I was overwhelmed with the love I was getting from her. I actually found out I was not the father of the child three years ago.

I did not want to talk about it in the past. You would also notice that I don’t like to talk about my family. I keep them away from the public.

“A lot of women want to trap men with children that are not theirs. But in my case, I also think she did not know who the father is because she had other s3xual partners.

Many ladies have been driven to the streets by the state of the country. Even though that is not an excuse, that is our reality in Nigeria. In a country of about 200 million people, it stands to reason that some would survive while some would not.”

Photo Of Police Officer Accused Of Shooting Sowore

A female police officer who allegedly shot a former presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore has been identified.

Sowore who posted the photo on Twitter, after being shot wrote:

“Just been shit by a police officer, ACP Atine at the Unity Fountain in Abuja. #RevolutionNow Let the struggle continue even if they take my life! #BuhariMustGo”

@Ogbostephen shared the photo of the policewoman and wrote:

“This is the female officer that shot Sowore in Abuja her name is Hyelhira Altine Daniel . phone number: 08035139822.

Sergio Ramos Set To Sign Two-Year Contract With Man City

Sergio Ramos Two-Year Contract Man City

Manchester City are prepared to sign Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos on a two-year contract, according to reports.

The veteran defender could leave the club later this summer as his contract expires on June 30 – with no agreement currently in sight.

Meanwhile, City are targeting a new centre-back this summer due to Eric Garcia’s imminent departure to Barcelona, while reports are linking Aymeric Laporte with an Etihad Stadium exit.

And ESPN claim City boss Pep Guardiola is in awe of Ramos’ leadership qualities and will offer the 35-year-old Spanish centre-half a contract should he not renew at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Ramos would be offered a two-year deal at the Etihad Stadium with the option of either a third year should performances be of an acceptable level, or a move to City’s MLS sister club New York City FC.

The report also claims a meeting is set up for Friday between Ramos’ representatives and Real president Florentino Perez, in order to resolve the Spaniard’s future.

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