2023: Father Ugwu Condemns Mbaka Over Peter Obi Prophecy, Begs Nigerians To Ignore Him

Mbaka’s remark is presently producing reactions from the teaming supporters of Obi.

Catholic priest, Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu has reacted to an outburst by the founding father of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Fr. Ejike Mbaka in opposition to Peter Obi.

Obi is the presidential candidate of the Labour Party.

Mbaka, a fiery Enugu Catholic priest, had declared that Peter Obi can’t emerge as Nigerian President in 2023, saying the Labour Party candidate is just too stingy.

Mbaka’s remark is presently producing reactions from the teaming supporters of Obi.

Reacting, Ugwu mentioned Nigerians have tried individuals who shared cash they usually failed. He urged Nigerians to disregard Mbaka and vote for the suitable individual.

He wrote:

I’ll maintain saying this and I cannot get bored with saying it. . . Let us FOCUS! Don’t enable something to distract you.

In the previous, we have now listened to self-acclaimed prophets inform us who to vote. . .We tried them many occasions, however they landed us in purgatory. .  .This time round, we have now determined to not comply with prophecies. 

Was that not our settlement???

We tried tribe earlier than, we tried faith too… however they landed us in Limbo.

We tried candidates that use to share cash. . .we voted for these that can distribute oils, Maggi, indomie, and 1k earlier than the digicam… But it landed us in hell.

This time round, we have now vowed by no means to take heed to any self-acclaimed prophet and their prophecies. We will not be saying prophecy shouldn’t be good, however we’re saying that the most important prophecy from God on the 2023 Election is for us to make use of our frequent senses which God himself gave us. 

For the explanation why God gave us sense is in order that we received’t be mindless.

We have vowed by no means to permit tribe or faith trigger us to lose focus. We will vote for the perfect candidate this time.

Finally, we have now additionally vowed to not give shishi whenever you don’t advantage it. We won’t bribe anyone. We won’t be wasteful. Shishi you’ll not see until we see the significance of the venture to the lots.

Let’s pattern #NoShishi

He added:

“Stingy Vs Prudent

It is vital we make this clarification so that folks don’t confuse the 2.

Stingy: Someone who’s imply and never beneficiant.

Prudent: Acting with or exhibiting care and thought for the long run.

Sometimes, individuals use each phrases interchangeably as a result of, in financial phrases, they’re semantically associated.

But nearly on a regular basis, individuals use STINGY once they would have used PRUDENT. They do it intentionally as a result of they know that the phrase “stingy” has a extra unfavorable connotation. And within the register of faith, being prudent will likely be a advantage, whereas being stingy will likely be a vice.

Keeping politics apart, it’s uncharitable to explain Peter Obi as a stingy individual. He doesn’t possess any attributes of a stingy individual. I believe he’s quite prudent and disciplined – such qualities are uncommon in our days and time. 

Note: Please, following what Peter Obi retains saying to his supporters, allow us to not insult individuals within the title of selling him.”

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