Actor, Segun Arinze Loses Azibaola Robert’s $100 ‘Hit The Nail’ Challenge

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Actor, Segun Arinze Loses Azibaola Robert’s $100 ‘Hit The Nail’ Challenge

Segun Arinze, the legendary Nollywood actor, recently had a tough challenge.

He had the tough challenge when he visited his friend Azibaola Robert at one of his sites, as he put the movie star to a ‘hit the nail challenge’ to test his craftsmanship.

Footage from a trending video shows the moment Arinze walked into his long-time friend’s construction site where they exchanged banter and warm embrace. 

Azibaola, who was in the heat of the construction, challenged the actor to nail down a 3-inch nail in four strikes, staking a reward of $100 for Segun should he hit the nail completely down.

As expected, Arinze welcomed the challenge, putting his carpentry skills to the test.

However, Arinze lost the money as it took the Nollywood icon more than four strikes to nail it down, sparking up laughter from Azibaola, Arinze, and other construction workers at the site.

Azibaola, an entrepreneur and lawyer, is the founder of Zeetin Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and an environmental rights advocate.

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