Actress Angela Okorie Was Beaten Mercilessly By Her Le$bian Lover For Cheating – Stella Dimoko Korkus

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Stella alleged that the actress was once beaten up by her le$bian lover because she cheated on her.

Nigerian blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus has called out actress, Angela Okorie. In an Instagram post, Stella made some shocking allegations against the actress.

This is as she warned her to stop pestering her life. Stella alleged that the actress was once beaten up by her le$bian lover because she cheated on her.

See her post below: 

On December 14, 2019 I made a breaking News post that actress Angela Okorie had been attacked by alleged armed robbers and was shot..I later posted photos to show she survived and wished her well…. I actually tried calling some actresses

b4 making the post to see that she was ok but i mistakenly called her hater actresses..

When i got that breaking news Anonymously, i called so many actresses to find out who had her number but no 1 agreed they had it and said they had fallen out with her, they warned me not to call her for whatever reason but i continued making calls until some1 told me to call her best friend Uche Elendu,that she would know…I called Uche and asked if she had d number, she agreed but wanted 2 know why #…I told her the reason and she screamed and cut the call..I could not get her again until an hour later and she told me she was on her way to Angelas house and would call me from there.

That was d 1st time of talkn to uche and was quite surprised she sounded so nice.

She got to Angelas place and called and even handed the phone over to her so i could speak, i sympathised with that one and thanked Uche and went on to do my Job..

In all the posts of Decmeber 14, 2019 none was a bad post and thanked God for saving her..

A few days back Angela sent me a stinker and i ignored, last year she did four posts calling me ugly (i am NOT ugly) and i ignored her, today she is dragging me again… I really dont care about her yearly draggings….

She is reportedly alleging that her friend Uche gave me the story…I am shocked cos i didnt know Uche is a whistleblower.. she has never told me anything about Angela and thats on my Dads Grave!..

No, thats on God!

If she is angry that i wrote that she was shot at and survived it then I am so sorry about that…

If she is angry that the comments alleged that her sugar daddys wife had dealt with her then I am so sorry…

If she is angry that the comments alleged that she cheated on her lesbo lova and she beat her up, then i am so sorry…

Please whatever it is that is making her upset…I apologise and will not address this again.

Next year if she drags me again i will pay for PR…

Thank u.

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