Aisha Yesufu Reacts As Cardi B Throws Mic At Fan During Concert

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Recall that a video making the rounds on social media had shown the moment Cardi B threw a microphone at an audience member who tossed a drink at her.

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has applauded American rapper, Cardi B after she threw a microphone at a fan.

It happened after the fan had tossed a drink at her while she was singing on stage.

Reacting to the video, Yesufu applauded the rapper for throwing the microphone.

She insisted that despite her support for the singer’s act, it would not stop her from acknowledging when she is wrong.

Speaking via Twitter, she wrote, “That drink could have been acid.

“I love the fact that she actually got the person who threw her that drink. Her aim is lit!

“Having said that, one’s like for a person’s behaviour or act should not stop one from acknowledging where a person is wronged.”

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