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This post will show you how to get started as blogger. but before then let us check some basic concept that we needs to know or master before diving into blogging.

Be a good writer : This basic requirement many do neglect. that you are good in English language or in writing an error free essay will not help you if you neglect blogging language.

Blogging language – What is blogging language ? Any language have her formal and informal type. Choosing the right one solely depends on your receiver. In blogging your language should be to get user attention and have them perform certain action . having their attention will help them read your post to the end and is only then a certain action will be taken like commenting, subscribing or sharing the post. So, Getting their attention how?

Getting user attention: Some certain keywords( a word or combinations of words) will help you do the magic. Yes some words are magnetic, take for example a blog post titled “Amazing Way To Make $100 Daily With Your Phone“. Yes all will love to know how such can be done , with this trick you have succeed in getting their attention and have them open your post.

Keeping user attention: So, here is another challenge. When user reads a few paragraph and you are not talking about what you promised in your title they will go . So, to have them reads to an end discuss what you promised in title; breaking it down in simple way they will understand.

Becoming a blogger – Blog creation

Setting up a blog can be stressful, but with the service of a web designer things becomes easier. let us see how to set up blog easily yourself

Becoming a blogger – Domain and Hosting , the best choice.

What is Domain and Hosting? I will use a real life as an example. a domain name is your house address while a hosting is your beautiful house. There is no way your friends will come to your house if they do not know your house address. But if they come, your house will not be appreciated if it is poorly decorated.

So, in a nutshell a domain is web site address ( e.g google.com , facebook.com, nairaland.com , naijaloaded.com.ng etc) and hosting is where your website files are uploaded.

Becoming a bloggerChoosing the right domain and hosting for your blog

Domain name should define the likely content of your blog. this is optional but if possible use this tip

Choosing the right domain can be very difficult because the little ones you have in mind might be already taken or bought by someone else.

let not rush things, I will discuss how to set up your site freely in my next update. use comment section under to ask questions and what we should be included in our next update.

Be safe, Go Digital!

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