Author: David Lawrence

Bruno Fernandes

After completing a £55 million switch from Sporting CP to Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes joined Manchester United on the 30th of January, 2020. Bruno Fernandes isn’t a kind of player Manchester United should have, Bruno Fernandes is “The” Kind of player Manchester United needs to have. He was crowned the man of the match on his debut match which ended with a 0-0 score against Wolves. He displayed his quality and impressed his fans from the first game and with his hard-working skills, he still continues to impress the fans and his manager.

Bruno Fernandes has the complete quality to be called “The current Wayne Rooney of Manchester United” scoring 6 goals in 9 appearances with 5 assists. United are truly reaping the £55 million transfer fee they paid.

Wayne Rooney was a complete package during his days in Manchester United. Currently, he has the most goals ever scored by a Manchester United player. He scored 250 goals during his time in United and he’s without question, one of the greatest players of all time in the history of the Red Devils. From superbfree kicks to headers to bicycle kick goals, there was never a time Wayne Rooney stepped into the pitch that he didn’t have his eyes and his full attention on the back of the net.

Bruno Fernandes is the Wayne-Rooney-kind of player. Although, Bruno is starting his United career at 25 years of age meanwhile Wayne Rooney started his career when he was 18 years old, with Bruno’s performance, we can say that it’s only a matter of a little more time before fans, his manager and his teammates starts to look up to him the same way fans looked up to Wayne Rooney during desperate goal-hungry periods.Combined with Paul Pogba andNemanjaMatic, even if Manchester United is missing anything from their squad, it’s clearly not in the Midfield as those three Midfielders are enough to take on every big club in the world including clubs like Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

But also, in order for Bruno Fernandes to succeed extraordinarily, he also needs to play alongside extraordinary players. During the time of Wayne Rooney, he played alongside the best players in the world with players like NemanjaVidic, Rio Ferdinand, Carrick, Giggs, Scholes, Tevez, Nani, etc. As at that time, those players were among the best players in the world of football.

Bruno Fernandes is a quality player but not every player in United squad is in the world best category.Although Bruno Fernandes is excellent, he would playbetter if he had other top-notch players playing alongside with him. This is an area Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to work on if he wants the best from his players. Although Manchester United currently have quality players, their players still needs to do more to produce better results. By the time this happens, it will spark the never-ending fire in Bruno Fernandes and the result will be a top form Manchester United.

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