Chelsea sale not “done and dusted” despite confidence from Abramovich’s party

The sale of Chelsea is into its final straight now, with a bidder chosen and the finer details being hammered out.

From the fans’ perspective, it’s felt like it’s done and dusted for some time now – but they aren’t aware of the many legal wrinkles behind the scenes that could yet break the whole thing apart.

And according to Martyn Ziegler of the Times, it’s still not yet “done and dusted” by any means, according to a Tweet of his.

Roman Abramovich’s “people” think they have found a solution to the thorny issue of the club’s £1.6bn debt to the Russian, which any buyer will have to pay, but the government must ensure does not go to the oligarch.

Later in the same thread, he points to an example of the potential difficulties – getting clearances and green lights from authorities in Jersey, where many of the shell companies involved are listed.

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