Chelsea’s modest top 4 odds can change in a moment

For those of us who enjoy betting on football, the summer is a nice time to take a break – and try to build up some funds to splash next time out.

The smart way to bet is not to go game by game, but to take a view over the summer and try to predict how the whole season will go.

That means you’ve got a whole 9 month campaign to watch your bet ride and enjoy the ups and downs, rather than risking it all on 90 minutes of action.

With Chelsea for example, this could be a nice time to bet on whether they will reach the top four. That could well be a wager that sees you through the whole season, and might even come down to a final day thriller.

Checking the Goalballlive website reveals that the Blues are given 4/6 odds of making it – an implied percentage of 81.6%.

That will have lengthened considerably in the last month or so as Arsenal and Tottenham have spent big money and done their business early, setting them up to challenge us really strongly for the Champions League places next year.

Arsenal have made decisive moves too, signing important players which materially improve their first team. We’re never too worried about the Gunners, who are about as likely as anyone to bottle a top 4 finish, but we can’t get complacent either.

Then there’s Manchester United – there’s simply no telling how they’ll get on under their new coach, but they can’t get much worse than last year, and if they start competing for the Champions League you’re talking about a seriously crowded field.

No wonder the Blues are being given such a modest chance of making the top 4.

If you’re thinking Thomas Tuchel’s team will still blow them away, this is the time to back it. Circumstances mean we’re doing our business pretty late, but it’s all about to come in a sudden glut, and once we’ve got Raheem Sterling, Kalidou Koulibaly and other stars signed up, our odds are sure to plummet.

There is talk of a lot more than that – potentially 6 new players could be joining Tuchel’s squad before the end of this window. That would really change the picture, and our odds too.

So if you like our chances this season and are ready to back Todd Boehly, this is the right moment to pile on Chelsea blasting their back into title contention.

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