Dog Rips Off Baby’s Cheek During Beach Trip

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A baby girl has been left in pain as she was viciously attacked by a dog during a family picnic at the beach.

RosieMay Fitchett, who is just 11-months-old, had been stroking two small dogs while she was sat nestled in her auntie’s arms when a larger animal suddenly launched an attack on her.

The vicious dog tore a chunk of her cheek off which created a large open wound and left her needing more than 50 stitches in hospital in British Colombia, Canada.

The baby was injured so badly, that she was left needing several operations to reconstruct her face after flesh could be seen on her cheek beneath her eye, reports The Mirror.

Her mum, Sarah Warren, said the family hadn’t even had time to put her in her car seat, with the baby’s grandmother instead holding her as she was rushed to the hospital where she ended up having to spend her first birthday.

Sarah has told of how she suffered from a panic attack after seeing her baby’s face so badly wounded.

“It was super heartbreaking watching my baby go through that,” she told the Summerland Review.

Following her initial admission to a Kelowna hospital, she was flown to BC children’s Hospital in Vancouver for another operation.

She was also due to receive vacuum therapy to shrink the wound and a skin graft after the re-attached cheek tissue died.

Mum Sarah, who has three dogs of her own, said the dog who bit her daughter had been put down.

“As sad as it is, if it does it once, it will do it again and next time it could be a kid’s life,” she said.

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