Fake Alert Scammer Caught And Disgraced By Angry Youths In Delta State

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According to reports, this young man went to a butique shop & bought fancy clothes worth over 100k, and scammed the seller by doing fake alart.

So, the seller having thought that the guy have done the transfer then handed the cloths worth over 100k to the guy who then went away thinking he has made the day.

So after he left the shop, the seller realized that the guy did fake alart, so he raised the alarm, and the guy was later traced & caught near a soloon were i was barbing & was tied hands back and both legs.

This guy is begging but the group of men holding him seems to have a deaf ear as they are panabiting his back with lashes of strong cane at the moment.

So they ask him to make the real transfer so they could pitty him small, but the guy no even get 1kobo for account.

They’ve contacted his people to come and help bail him, but they said they’re not coming, that they should go on with the beating.

He his currently recieving strokes of can right now.

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