Festus Okoye: I Don’t Understand Reliance On IReV when the parties had agents

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Festus Okoye: I Don’t Understand Reliance On IReV when the parties had agents

Seun Okin: Have you been able to fully upload all the results from the Presidential Election to the IReV

Festus Okoye: You cannot fully upload all the results because there were places where elections did not take place.
1. There were PUs where there were no registered voters.

2. There were areas where there were violent disruptions, you cannot expect INEC to upload all the results of all the PUs to the IReV.

Seun Okin: So how many have you uploaded so far?

Festus Okoye: I don’t have the figures off-hand but substantial number of the results have already been uploaded on the IReV.

Seun Okin: Why the discrepancy?

Festus Okoye: No discrepancy. Each party has agents at all the polling units. I find it slightly difficult to understand why almost all the political parties are relying only on the results from the IREV.

We came out and explained to Nigerians what happened.

Seun Okin: You did not.

Festus Okoye: We did.

Seun Okin: What did you say happened?

Festus Okoye: We said there was a glitch.

Seun Okin: Millions of naira, Nigeria’s tax payers money, was set aside for this election and INEC said there was a technical glitch. Tell Nigerians, was this technical glitch a human or machine error? 

Festus Okoye: It is not true that the machine failed. The machine has three components, for voters registration, voters accreditation and results upload. All worked successfully excepting results upload of the Presidential Election so there was no failure.

You can buy a vehicle today and it develops a fault same day.

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