Fr. Mbaka Apologizes For Church’s Political Engagement In 2023 Elections

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Fr. Mbaka Apologizes For Church’s Political Engagement In 2023 Elections

Catholic cleric and the founder of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has apologized on behalf of church leaders for their utterances and turning the church into a political platform during the 2023 general elections which sparked controversies.

Mbaka expressed his dismay that churches had been used as campaign hubs, with political discussions and activities becoming common occurrences.

The spiritual director highlighted that church leaders had instructed their congregations on who to vote for and how to cast their votes.

Indirecting taking about the Labour Party (LP), he also pointed out that priests had given religious significance to political symbols, telling their congregations that the logo of a mother, father, and child represented the Holy Trinity – God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

In his final remarks, Mbaka lamented that the power of God was being overshadowed by political influence and manipulations.

He said: “As a prophet and man of God, I apologise on behalf of the whole men of God – the whole pastors, the whole priests, the whole bishops. I am not worthy to apologise on behalf of the bishops, but I’m apologising.

“Let the mercy of God descend because what we did within this political moment – a lot of indescribable political brouhaha, a lot of political jingoism and a lot of atrocities we manifested.

“We buried the power of the sacrament beneath political forces, political hawks and vultures. They want to vulturise the church, turn the church into campaign centres, into a place of politicking. We messed up the altar, we defiled the altar of the most high God.

“How do you want power to move from such an altar that has been defiled? We cannot continue with such iniqui-tactics. We offended God.

“They were teaching people who to vote for in the church, and how to vote. Telling people that the mother, father and child picture represents God, the father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Giving God’s glory to man, then God’s anger descended on us, but I’m begging for God’s mercy. I pray that God will forgive us.

“Forgive us, oh Lord! Forgive your church. Forgive Christianity in Nigeria. We have gotten it wrong this time. Amen! Just let it be like this. If you want to misunderstand it, that is your business. I am apologising to God.”

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