Funny Jokes!! Compilation Of The 5 Jokes For Laughs

Funny Jokes!! Compilation Of The 5 Jokes For Laughs

1 – Sleeping next to YOUR new bae or boo for the first time is tough. You have to breathe in English, not too loud, not too deep and not too fast.

2 – Its only in Nigeria🇳🇬 you will tell someone how you suffered while growing up and they reply”you no suffer reach me”as if suffering is a competition…nawa ooh..

3 –

I knew d economic state was worse Wen I heard someone pricing NEPA BILL.. He was like ‘Bros Abeg how much for low current????😝

4 – The problems of Nigeria started with confusion in speaking English…

British: Extreme

American : End

Nigerian : Extreme end

British: Knicker

American: Short

Nigerian: Short knicker

British : Salon

American : Barbershop

Nigerian: Barbing salon

British: Bend

American: corner

Nigerian: Bending corner

British: so,

American: Therefore

Nigerian: So therefore,(its a banger)

British: tell me the reason

America: tell me why

Nigeria: tell me the reason why

British: Ten Pounds each

American: Ten Dollars each

Nigerian: Ten Ten naira each.

You see where our problem started?

5 – Eat good food just incase you vomit…… My friend vomited rice and red oil todayI use shame go buy two meat drop on top of her vomit.

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