What could be funnier memory than this? here are collections Nigeria history funny memes . note the memes does not in any way represent true history nevertheless , Covid -19 pandemic and school lock down takes the blame.

Meet Dayo, the first boy to tell a Nigerian mother to be calming down, he’s also the first to negotiate beating from a Nigerian mother. In his words he said “let it not be hot”

Meet bosco the first man to eat school fees

Meet Kenkoziya John Peter… The first man to face the question… “Where did you get my number?”

Meet Adaku chukwuedigbo the first woman to ask “how did you get my number” History have it that she died single

Meet Kwame Ogyam the first person to reject pregnancy

Meet General sani abacha the first and only person to do Giveaway from the grave and is still doing giveaway from the grave. Since 1998.

Meet ojokwu achiebe, the first uncle to said i will get back to you October 9 1742.

Meet Anifowose Malomo, the first baby to get annoyed at being born in Nigeria

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