‘Holidays left us broke’: Customer tips with $25 Amazon gift card at restaurant, sparking debate – The Daily Dot

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                                                                                            <span class="dd-article-leadart-image-credit-segment">                                                                                  <a href="">@kaittwest/Tiktok</a>                                                                          </span>                                                                                                                                                     <span class="dd-article-leadart-image-credit-segment">                                                                          Remix by Max Fleishman                                                                  </span>                                                     <br>Clara Wang<br>IRL<br>                       Published Jan 4, 2022&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Updated Jan 4, 2022, 1:02 pm CST                     <br>A customer tipped with a $25 amazon gift card at a restaurant in a viral TikTok, sparking a debate in the comments section over tipping policies.<br>Captioned &#8220;Holidays left us broke,&#8221; @kaittwest&#8217;s 13-second video shows the man she was dining with putting the $25 gift card on the bill. The video got over 88,300 views since being posted on Monday. &#8220;He asked if he could tip with a Amazon gift card,&#8221; the text overlay and text-to-speech effect note.  <br>The receipt shows a total bill of $95.24, which means that a $25 gift card is valued over a 20% tip of $17.19. Although some commenters were concerned the gift card had already been redeemed, the codes on Amazon gift cards can only be used once, so an intact card should mean an intact value.<br>The clip caused a massive rift in the comments section. <br>Some of commenters pointed out that $25 is more than a 20% tip.<br>&#8220;That&#8217;s actually really generous,&#8221; @tarbuckscoffee said.<br>&#8220;As a waitress I would love it! Lol $25 that&#8217;s more than 20% too,&#8221; @the_ggs said.<br>Others criticized the move, noting that gift cards don&#8217;t pay the bills.<br>&#8220;As a waitress no, I need bills paid not Amazon,&#8221; says @jess11simone.<br>&#8220;People really going out to eat when they don&#8217;t have any money huh,&#8221; says @user1774190931545.<br>Unlike tips, which are officially counted as taxable wages, &#8220;gifts&#8221; up to $13,000 are <a href=",income%20to%20Knutson%20of%20%2412%2C000.&text=So%20if%20this%20really%20was,tax%20free%20to%20the%20giver.">non-taxable</a>. This means that on top of getting a 23% tip, the worker won&#8217;t be taxed on the gift card. <br>The Daily Dot reached out to @kaittwest via TikTok direct message for comment.<br> <strong>Must-reads on the Daily Dot </strong><br>Clara is a full-time digital nomad writing about culture, food, and music. Her work has been featured in publications such as Refinery29, BuzzFeed, the Daily Dot, the Austin Chronicle, USA Today, and NiceKicks. She aims to be quicker on her feet than Borat's lawyers.<br>&#8216;Come clock in?&#8217;: Viral TikTok of Starbucks worker being asked to work on day off sparks debate<br>‘Are you pulling the race card?’: Viral TikTok shows Bath &#038; Body Works ‘Karen’ being called out by customer<br>‘I’m in the f*cking drive-thru’: TikToker says ‘tipping culture’ has gone too far in viral video<br>&#8216;Don’t mess with stuff that’s not yours&#8217;: Airbnb hosts say guests changed the locks in viral TikTok<br>Get the Daily Dot in your inbox<br><br><a href="">source</a>

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