Author: David Lawrence

This is by far one of the best articles you don’t want to skip if you’re a student in Nigeria. Up to 80% of Nigerian youth’s are self-employed.According to aljazeera, 40% of Nigerians totaling 82 million people live on less than $1 per day and $381 per year. It may entice you to know that one of the best ways of escaping poverty in Nigeria is to venture into an online business.

As a student, you learn many things in school. Apart from just your course of study, you’ll meet friends or people who has passion for many things and you can learn a lot of skills while in school. Here’s a complete list of ways you can earn legit money as a student in Nigeria. You don’t need to be a web guru before you can do this. With your basic knowledge in computer studies you can begin and start making a lot of money online:

  1. Blogging: This method of making money in Nigeria is very common. It’s not a new thing that a lot of people go online to search for information. This is a great way to earn money as a Nigerian because it involves low start-up costs. With as little as N15000 you can start up a WordPress blog. Once you get Google AdSense approval or approval from any ad network, you can start earning right away. Google AdSense is the best advertising network for small or start up blogs. Know that getting an AdSense approval is very difficult and you’ll need to meet their strict policies before they can approve your website. But you shouldn’t keep all hopes on AdSense. You can go to your competitors (People writing the same niche articles like you) websites and check the companies paying for sponsored ads on their website, contact the advertiser and ask them to also advertise on your website. Try lowering your price a little. Like if you feel your competitor may be earning $500 for the sponsored ad with 10k monthly views, you can keep your price at $50 per ad if your website is getting 1k views per month. But if you get an equal 10k monthly views, then you can tell the advertiser to pay you $400 per month.

There are other ways of earning through blogging such as doing affiliate marketing for various website on your blog. But I’ll like to share with you some other ways of making money via blogging that people are ignoring. One of them is writing sponsored reviews. Most companies know that people will go online to find a review of their products so they are always willing to pay bloggers to write a good review about their product and their business. This is a money making opportunity for you. You can find retailers to write reviews on their products on websites like, This websites are always looking for bloggers on their platform so they can serve their retailers well.

Another way of making money through blogging is selling links.

For those of you that doesn’t know, having a website today is more than just creating a simple blog and leaving it there online. There’s something called a website authority and this idea was introduced to the internet in 2005 by To cut the long story short, in order to increase your website authority, you need to have links from various websites pointing to your website. Google sees this links as votes and when they do, they’ll pass a domain and page authority to your website. When you search for anything online, Google starts showing results from the websites with the highest domain authority for that keyword. And when you have a good DA (Domain authority), your contents may likely appear in Google’s first page and that will mean more traffic and more money to you. Simply put, you’ll join various guest posting groups on Facebook or enter your website in link-selling platforms like add your website URL there and Indicate you accept links. Most of these people are foreigners and they’re willing to pay up to $50 per link if you have a good DA. You see, they’re many ways of earning you probably haven’t heard about.

  • Vlogging: This is simply what you see people do on YouTube. Yes, those people that records videos teaching you one thing or the other are called vloggers. You don’t require a dime to start a YouTube blog apart from just having a Gmail account. If you have a Gmail account, you already have a YouTube channel. It’s very simple… Record a video of yourself explaining or talking about something you love doing or teach something online. Google AdSense would require you have up to 4000 watch hours before you can monetize with them through AdSense but don’t worry. That’s why there are other ways. Like I stated above, you can simply find your competitors, message their advertisers and get their video advertisement. Download a simple Merge videos app and add their videos when next you’re posting on your channel. Of course you’ll need to have a few subscribers on your channel. They’ll pay you base on your number of subscribers and the amount of views your video gets.
  • Applying for an online job: There are a lot of companies that are ready to employ freelance workers both locally in Nigeria and internationally. You can sign up on online job platforms like Upwork, guru, freelancer, probloggeretc and start making money. Also if you have a special skill, you can contact the company directly and tell them the area you can help them out it. It may be graphic designing, SEO expertise, etc. If they agree, you can get a job in their company and start earning money.
  • Rendering services: This boils down to what you like doing, what you know and how you can help people. Are you good in maths, business, giving advice, etc. You can either start a website or a vlog and start helping people. You mustn’t be blogging or vlogging online. You can start up an online e-commerce store, an online library, an online hospital, etc and it’s sure that you’ll make a hell of money when that succeeds. You’ll need to do a little advertising for your services to be known and for people to patronize them.
  • Online trading: Are you good with trading online cryptocurrency, forex, shares, etc? Well, if you’re very good then I’ll advice you start showing your trading skills online. You can trade shares on platforms like, cryptocurrency on platforms like Luno, Binance, etc and you can also trade forex in platforms like metaforex.

Kindly note that they are many other ways you can make money online as a student in Nigeria so don’t be limited to this list. But I must warn you, making money online is not a get-rich scheme.

Always don’t start online business with the aim of earning thousands of naira in just the next month. You have to be very patient and passionate before you can earn well online. People who want to get rich quick end up quitting and venturing into something else. Even if you learnt nothing in this article, don’t miss this… “You will hardly make money online without an audience.”

Yes! You heard that right and I’m talking from experience. Before you begin creating your website or vlog, have a social media page where you’ll get thousands of followers. These are the people that’ll help you grow. But incase you want to just work as an employee online, you may say “Well, I don’t really need an audience.” Truth is that it’s true you don’t really need an audience but it’s better you join social media groups related to the service you offer. You’ll meet people who need your services (audience). Simply contact them and they’ll open doors for you. They’ll even give you the good reviews you need to get better jobs. That’s better than just jumping online to find a job. You know connections helps a lot. All the same, I wish everyone success in his/her career.

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