This post will show you how to take a screenshot on  a laptop, we are going to look at two easiest way to screenshot on  a laptop.  This guild is about how to screenshot on windows 7 and  above .   There are two simple way of taking screenshot  on Window that we are going to look at: Screenshot with windows shortcut keys and  Taking Screenshot using window inbuilt app.

How to take a screenshot on PC using windows shortcut keys .

This method is handy , just as we do on our mobile device – screenshot by holding  the power off and volume down button. To screenshot on PC we use almost the same approach.  To screenshot  press and hold Ctrl and  prt sc  key

Screenshot successful! But how can we  access the screenshot? let us see:  Whenever we  screenshot using  this method the picture is saved in our clipboard, to access it we need to paste it somewhere before copying any other thing on your computer.  To do this; open  inbuilt paint app (search “paint “ on start menu – open it) ,  paste it then save with your preferred name.

Click on paste  or Ctrl V to paste it from your clipboard

How to screenshot on PC  using inbuilt app – Snipping Tool

 I prefer this method, is very easy to use. To get started , on your start menu search for  ‘Snipping tool’ Open , click on new to take a screenshot on your PC.

Taking screenshot with Snipping app is better as you can take only the screen part you needed by dragging and selecting it.

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