Huge gap between Chelsea and Inter valuations show difficult Lukaku deal will be

The whole way through this developing saga involving the return of Romelu Lukaku  to Inter Milan, we’ve maintained that the finances will simply make it too difficult to pull off.

We’ve seen an immense weight of leaks and rumours that claim a move is still on the cards, so we’ve kept our minds open, but recent whispers are convincing us that we had it right the first time.

Unless things change dramatically, Inter are just not going to be able to complete the deal on terms Chelsea can agree to.

TuttoSport’s latest take on the matter, as translated and parsed by Chelsea HQ, claims that Chelsea want to get €23m back for the player they bought for €120m from Inter less than a year ago.

That would be a solid return, but understandably the Italian side have very different ideas. They apparently are only interested in paying around €6m or €7m for the forward’s services.

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