I Blamed Myself For Not Making A Perfect Marriage – Caroline Danjuma Speaks About Her Divorce From Musa Danjuma

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According to her, she blamed herself for not making a perfect marriage and for the mistakes they both made in their marriage.

“Ex-Nollywood actress, Caroline Hutchins has reflected on her divorce from billionaire husband, Musa Danjuma.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, the mum of three said her divorce from Mr. Danjuma made her feel like a failure.

According to her, she blamed herself for not making a perfect marriage and for the mistakes they both made in their marriage.

She said she began to heal and understood that she wasn’t a failure just because her marriage failed.

She mentioned that sometimes, people are better off as friends than lovers. The actress also pointed out the importance of seeing a professional counselor when going through a divorce.

She advised divorcees to kill the hate they might develop for their partners as it will only ruin them.

 Posting the tweet above, she wrote;

”I blamed myself for not making a perfect marriage , I blamed my self for both faults of ours until I started healing then I knew I was not a failure .

I prayed to God for assistance most importantly to forgive my self and him.

Rather than hate the outcome of what was , I chose love and peace of mind for what is . We both ain’t perfect and that is what makes us human . I dealt with the hurtful words from friends and strangers , the stigma and constant mockery without knowledge of what truly happened .

God whispered I am with you and that was it . My journey to finding me began and I never looked back . I came , I saw , I conquered , most importantly I have found my lost identity .

Healed , restored , unprovoked, loving and blessed ..#howcarolynagothergrooveback.. thanks to @lanreolusola who spoke through the words in the Bible to help me find my way .

Some of us are better off as friends than lovers . It is ok to see a professional counselor , you ain’t mad you just need clarification . It is ok to fail and rise again . Let God lead you . No hate but love always . Accept your faults forgive the other and move on in peace.

This is my first time talking about my divorce , not an easy journey ,most times very painful moments especially if you are a perfectionist and kids are involved . Kill the hate it will only ruin you . If you are wondering how you will pick up financially trust me you will ,just stay focused and determined . Love without regrets.”

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