I Can Give You Another Child – S3x Therapist, Angela Nwosu Reveals Shocking Text Message A Lady Sent To Her Husband

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Over the weekend, Angela revealed to her followers that she visited her doctor recently and she was told she will not be able to have another child.

S3x therapist, Angela Nwosu has revealed what happened after she came online to tell her fans that her doctor said she cannot bear another child for her husband.

According to Angela, following her revelation, a lady sent her husband a shocking text message begging to give him another child since Angela can’t give birth again.

She said: ‘’This is one of the reasons people are so scared to share their true life stories on social media. This is one of the reasons . After I posted that video I talked about hospital visit and not being able to have another baby, see the message somebody sent to my husband”.

Angela said she will not be revealing the person’s name as she is not known for calling out people. She went on to read what the lady wrote in the text message

The lady wrote: ‘’I am a very healthy woman. I am 36 years. I am writing to you because I saw the video your wife made about no second child. I know that this situation will make you sad because you are the only son and you need male child. I am offering myself to help you in this situation. I can give birth to a bouncing baby boy for you and make you happy. If you like you can investigate my background. No issue at all. I promise that this be forever be between me and you. I know you are matured and smart also. I am a very good fan of your wife and so no issue but please no need for her to know”.

She then read the part of the text where the woman asked her husband to call her privately so they can discuss how she would conceive for him since Angela says she can’t due to medical reasons.

Watch the video she shared reacting to the text below:

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