I Cook And Clean – Paddy Adenuga Tells Ladies

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I Cook And Clean – Paddy Adenuga Tells Ladies

Paddy, the son of billionaire businessman, Mike Adenuga has taken to Twitter to list his qualities for ladies to apply to be in a relationship with him.

He told ladies he is a husband material by standards of cooking and cleaning.

Writing the women this afternoon on Twitter, he wrote;

”ladies.. just letting y’all know that i cook & clean, so have no worries – i have that taken care of also 😎 just advertising part of my CV.. have a blessed week!”


His tweet has expected immediately gained likes, with many women commenting, and even men saying, when he is ready to pick a wife, they can introduce their sisters or female friends to him.

”you want to cause problem in ur DM today?”, one Jide Flash warned him.

”When you are ready for marriage please let me know I have beautiful sisters and female friends I can introduce to you. This your CV is giving husband material vibes.”, Sazee told him.

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