I Have Done Many Things Way More Than 1m For Judy – Sarah Martins Reacts to Backlash Over Debt

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Sarah lambasted her critics for dragging her for calling out Judy, whom she claimed owed her N1 million, in a lengthy post on her Instagram page.

The Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has defended her decision to call out her best friend, Judy Austin over N1 million debt.

She spoke via her social media page while slamming her critics for dragging her for calling out Judy.

According to the actress, Judy owes her N1 million.

In a lengthy post, she wrote: “People that have never owned a business or saved up to pay for an advert re the ones shouting I shouldn’t drag Judy and forget about my money…

You have never owned a business in your life that’s why you don’t know the difference between business money and things done in friendship…

Ofcos I have done many things way more than 1m for Judy but I’m not talking about all that…

I’m only ranting and fighting for my business money! Money that I worked extremely hard for.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

If I’d gifted or borrowed the money to her, I would never come out to say a word about it… what I’m saying is she should pay back my money since she’s not willing to do the work I paid her for…

You all hypocrites should shut the heck up or pay the money on her behalf!

I will never disclose whatever happened Btwn Judy and I during our friendship days, I will never reveal whatever she trusted me with, I will never disclose that which will hurt her when it’s brought to public space… I’m only asking her to pay back my business money and that’s that!

I worked for the money!”

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