“If you must do fraud, target corrupt politicians” – Rev. Oluoma tells Yahoo boys

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“If you must do fraud, target corrupt politicians” – Rev. Oluoma tells Yahoo boys

Reverend Father Chinenye Oluoma, a well-known Catholic priest, voiced his strong disapproval of young Nigerians engaging in internet fraud, commonly referred to as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’.

Addressing his congregation, Fr. Oluoma expressed his concern about the detrimental effects of such unethical activities on both the perpetrators and their victims.

The sermon, a video of which was shared on his official Facebook page, resonated widely among internet users.

Fr. Oluoma began by lamenting the distressing manner in which ‘Yahoo boys‘ manipulate innocent individuals and exploit their hard-earned money.

He suggested that those involved in such practices may not experience positive outcomes if they persist along this path.

He further questioned the audacity of those who engage in fraudulent activities yet become angry when criticized by ministers and the broader society.

In his words;

“When you pursue wealth at the expense of fellow humans, you are trashing people to get a treasure that will be a trash in your life.

“I don’t understand when people who steal and dupe others get angry when ministers condemn it. Yahoo means a set of people who will just lock themselves in a house, look for somebody who is vulnerable using their computers and dupe the person everything he laboured for.

“Then the person becomes so broke after 30 to 40 years of labouring. You steal everything the person has and the person is dying of depression, High Blood Pressure and heart attack and you are comfortable.

“That some musicians even sing to endorse that kind of lifestyle means to you that it is normal? If Yahoo means tricking people, defrauding them of their hard-earned money, leaving them penniless and they die of heart attack, how do you want to end well? Some people even consider it as a legitimate hustle.

“How can stealing be a legitimate hustle? If you are that kind of person, you can’t end well. If you are into such a thing, please don’t marry because if you marry and you give birth, your children will suffer the consequences.

“At least if you want to be a Yahoo, target politicians who are stealing money. But you won’t target such people, it is people who worked honestly. At least, target the bad politicians so that on the last day you and God may have conversations on it”.

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