Insecurity: Enugu Pastor, Onovo Ndubuise Kidnaped, Bank Account Cleared 

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Insecurity: Enugu Pastor, Onovo Ndubuise Kidnaped, Bank Account Cleared 

A pastor reportedly went missing in Enugu State, after he went to buy fuel for church program, raising the fears that he has been kidnapped.

Findings by Igbere TV News revealed that on the 15th of August 2023 Pastor ONOVO DANIEL NDUBUISE, From Ogbeke Agbani Nkanu West, Enugu state, but based at Isenu Akpugo Nkanu West Enugu state, went missing and nothing has been heard of his whereabouts.

One of his close allies who spoke to Igbere TV correspondent, Pastor Ogbodo Chinaza Freeborn said,

“He told me he’s going out to buy fuel with his car Lexus 300 with a plate number of TRR-622AA on Wednesday afternoon around 2:15pm to buy fuel for Thursday night vigil and also withdraw some cash at union bank close to the victory concept where he buys fuel.”

“And we didn’t hear from him again till date.”

Pastor Chinaza smelt something bad and went to union bank with one of his elder brother to block his accounts and found out that every kobo in the account has been wiped out. Rushing to his Opay account, it was empty too!

He said they’ve made complaint to the police who have already plunged into action.

He said, “We have made reports since yesterday and they are working on it seriously.”

However, he also said that the abductors have established contacts with them demanding 16 Million Naira and threatening him to stay out of their way.

“They called demanding 16m and as well they called me privately with a hidden number telling me to get out of the way for them, that I should mind my business and stop running up and down with his brother.”

Source:- Igbere Tv

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