It Was Heartwrenching. I Knew There Was a Calamity – Desmond Elliott Reacts to Findings of Lagos Judicial Panel (Video)

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The panel in its report indicted the Nigerian Army and police and described the incident as a massacre.

Actor and politician, Desmond Elliot has broken his silence following the Lagos judicial panel indictment of the Nigerian army and police in the October 20, 2020 shooting of unarmed protesters at the Lekki tollgate. 

The panel in its report described the incident as a massacre.

The report also gave the names of nine persons killed during the incident as well as the names of those who were injured during the attack. 

Speaking on TVC this morning November 16, Desmond Elliot said the report was heartwrenching and that he knew that a calamity happened on the said day. 

”I read it and it was very heartbreaking. Heartwrenching. I knew there was a calamity, chaos. Except you are not Nigerian or you are not human. You would feel for everybody. I have always said something. When MKO died and the government of the day denied and denied, it took this government to come and say you know what, we have wronged you. This is the truth and they actually gave democracy day. 

We have always said the truth comes out. There is no how you would try to hide it, the truth would come out. 

But I now looked at it from another angle. Is it possible that this government didn’t know what  was going to come out? Of course they did but the government of today, I am talking of the state government, I want to believe knew what was going to come out. 

There is going to be an official statement so let me not jump the gun because I am also in office. But the fact that it even came out and even saw the light of day…” he said 

Watch the video from his interview below:

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