It’s a Case of Kidnapping – Lagos Police PRO Speaks On Viral Video of Female Officer Begging For Help As Driver Zooms Off With Her

“A video making the rounds in which a female officer was seen begging for help after a man zoomed off with her in his car has gotten the attention of the Police command in Lagos.
Lagos state police public relations officer, Benjamin Hundeyin while reacting to the video said it is a case of kidnapping.
We had earlier shared the video showing the officer screaming for help as the man who she had queried for allegedly committing an offense, was driving off with her in his car.
Reacting to the video, Hundeyin said it is a felony to kidnap anyone, let alone an enforcement officer on duty. He said the man is already a suspect and an investigation into the incident has commenced.
”Irrespective, I repeat, irrespective of whatever the police officer must have done (un)professionally, kidnapping anyone, especially a law enforcement officer on duty, is a felony. This man is already a suspect. Investigation has commenced.”

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