“It’s not my favourite thing” – Thomas Tuchel says he’s not a fan of bi

Chelsea have a new structure in place this summer, following the removal of three key figures at the top of the club.

Between Bruce Buck, Marina Granovskaia and Petr Cech, transfers were chosen, negotiated and signed off. But with all three gone, and no new sporting director yet in place, the responsibility is being split between club owner Todd Boehly and manager Thomas Tuchel, who has gone from simply recommending players he likes and positions of need to performing far more in depth work in conducting these moves.

In his long and interesting interview in the Telegraph today, the Chelsea boss revealed that he’s not a big fan of that side of his job, and would rather just be coaching.

But in these exceptional times, and for this summer at least, it’s all hands on deck at Cobham:

“It’s not my favourite thing to do and in the long run the focus has to be on coaching because it is why I am here,” said Tuchel. “But, at the moment, of course my help is needed and wanted, and it is, of course, necessary that I step up and take the responsibility,” Tuchel explaind.

He also went into some detail on how the relationship between him and Boehly worked on a practical level:

“I am in contact with Todd directly on a daily basis and sometimes more than once on a daily basis because we are aware that we have a club in transition and change. My concern is for the team to be competitive and for this we have to invest a lot of time and we need to be hands on. There is no other way. ”

While it’s not an ideal system long term, it seems to be working for now, and there’s certainly some positives to having a manager who is closely working with the club hierarchy on transfers.

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