Kayode Fayemi: Presidency Not For Moneybags

Kayode Fayemi: Presidency Not For Moneybags

Ekiti Governor Kayode Fayemi has said he is not a moneybag but knows the presidency is not for money bags.

The presidential hopeful stated this while canvassing for support of the Kaduna national delegates on Thursday.

He however said though he does not have money, he has the capacity, the competence and the compassion for Nigerians and can lead the country.

Kaduna Governor Nasir El-Rufai described Fayemi as a man of great intent, patience, whom he had known for over 20 years.

Addressing the delegates, Fayemi promised to end insecurity, arguing: “Inequality, poverty, economic undertones of security challenges are some of the issues to be addressed before we can address insecurity.

“Kaduna state is one of the major food baskets in the country. We want to absorb our youth into the food value chain of agriculture and we must guarantee credit for our farmers and off-taking of the produce from our farmers.

“As a founding member of APC there should be correlation between those who worked for the party and those that benefited from the party. I will establish an APC policy institute to be involved in policy making to make policy and hold the leaders responsible.

“I am here because I believe we can build on the legacy of our president and I believe I have the capacity, the competence and the compassion for our people and I can lead the country. I am not an accidental politician, yet I dont set out to be a politician, I am an academic.

“Fighting against June 12 annulment is what brought me here. I ran Radio Kudirat, I was declared personal non great and faced lot of threats. The desire to have a better Nigeria, a more progressive country that that would yield to the yearnings of the people.

“Look at the aspirants, look at our competing vision, temperament, capacity, competence, the courage to do the right thing among the aspirants.

“I am not a moneybag, but I also know this job has never gone to a moneybag. But I can raise money. I have colleagues who believed in me, who are compassionate, who can assist me if I run to them. What you want is a better future for your children where you can sleep with your eyes closed.

“I am not in this race for personal gains but I have a roadmap to transform our country, improve security, economy and infrastructure to build a better country where cohesion becomes foundation of our security.

“I am a bridge builder, a unifier I have lots of friends all over. My vision of a new Nigeria I believe I would earn your support, I pray that I earn your vote but what matters ultimately is to have a better Nigeria.

“I have been having a conversation with el-Rufai, though he said he is tired and wants to go and rest, but the job is unfinished and he is needed to make Nigeria a better place,” he said.

El-Rufai said: “He is the first person I have seen who won an election in 2014 but allowed another person to take the mandate for peace to reign. But the people of Ekiti state compensated him four years later and elected him as their governor.

“Fayemi granted Kaduna state the iron ore mining license which enabled us to have the first indigenous steel plant in 60 years after Ajaokuta a N10 billion project in Kujeni, Kagarko local government that would be completed later in the year,” he said.

El-Rufai told the delegates: “I will wait for you, to hear from you after you have heard from all the aspirants, the Vice President is coming on Saturday and Pastor Bakare said he is on his way but I don’t know when he will be here. It is my duty and honour to recommend to you Dr John Folorunso Kayode Fayemi a presidential aspirant of Nigeria. He has advised some countries on security so you can understand his depth of knowledge on security issues.”

Source:- The Nation

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