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Kim Kardashian Heartbroken As She Fails Her Baby Bar Exam A Second Time

World famous reality star, Kim Kardashian learned she had failed the baby bar a second time on the series finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Anticipation hung in the air as Kim, 40, accessed her results online with the lawyers who had been mentoring her on the phone.

But the mood in the room instantly changed when Kim learned she did not pass the test again as she admitted she had been hoping for a miracle.

A devastated Kim exclaimed: ‘I failed! This is really annoying.’ Making matters worse, Kim did worse than she did the first time she took the test.

‘Total scaled score: 463. I pretty much got the same thing. I mean, a little bit worse,’ she added.

In a confessional, Kim admitted she felt ‘totally bummed’ by the results but was committed to doing better the next time.

‘It is what it is. I know I just have to not stress about it. There are so many other (expletive) stressful things going on, I just have to do better in the future.’

Khloe Kardashian was more optimistic about the situation as she attempted to cheer her up over the phone, reminding her of the many stressors she was juggling at the time of the test.

‘Honestly, you had COVID. You had your 40th birthday. You’re just dealing with so much personally in your relationship.’

‘And just quarantine in itself. And I really don’t think this last time counted.’

In a confessional, she said: ‘Kim is dealing with a lot of other things at the same time. The fact that she had COVID and with the show ending and her relationship with Kanye, so I think Kim has to give herself a little credit just for taking the (expletive) baby bar. ‘

Khloe reminded her they all had told her it would have been ‘a miracle’ if she had passed this time because of COVID.

‘I wanted that miracle,’ Kim said. ‘I believe in miracles!’

‘You know, it’s a fresh start. It’s a great, fresh start. You’re gonna do it.’

Kim, whose next test was going to be in June, said she was going to take ‘at least’ four weeks off to devote to studying.

‘Who has time for this?’ Kim asked. ‘We got to move on to other (expletive) subjects.’

Kim began a four-year apprenticeship at a law firm in San Francisco in 2018 and has been working under Erin Haney and Jessica Jackson to complete her law studies, according to NBC

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