Kittens Freak Out By Owner Wearing Cat Mask (Pics, Video)

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A pair of cats were given the fright of their lives when their owner lay in wait for them wearing a giant kitten mask as they came in for their treats.

Comical footage captured in Ponca City, Oklahoma, shows the two cats being called in as their owner pulls down her mask and crouches behind a sofa to spook them.

As soon as each of the cats spots the giant kitten mask they run away in fear, while their owner laughs at their reaction.

At the start of the prank, the owner attaches the mask to her face and gets down on her hands and knees as another person calls to the cats: ‘You guys want your treats?’

The excited felines run into the room for their snacks before the first cat notices the giant ‘kitten’ and makes a swift U-turn.

The second cat immediately follows suit and the pair make a dash for the door – much to the amusement of the pranksters.

The owner later told ViralVideoUK: ‘We decided to prank our cats with a big cat mask.

‘We lured them with sweets and they came to the call, then ran away in fear.

‘Don’t worry, they are fine and they got their treats.’

Source:- Daily Mail

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