Lady Falls For Man After He Used Smart Pick-up line to Ask Her Out

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It was gathered that the man’s decision to use a smart pickup line earned him the lady’s love.

A Nigerian lady has fallen for a man who asked her out on Twitter with a smart pickup line.

Onyinyechi, a fashion illustrator shared her chat with a man on Twitter.

It started after the man asked her to help him look up something on Google, pretending that he was having network problems.

When Onyinyechi agreed to help him, he asked her to search for the first computer virus in the Philippines. The man’s request left Onyinyechi smiling and impressed.

According to TickTock Tech, the Philippines’ first computer virus was the “ILOVEYOU” virus, also known as the “Love Bug” or “Loveletter” virus.

It emerged on May 4, 2000, causing widespread havoc and infecting countless computer systems worldwide. The virus left a significant impact in its wake.

@nine_theone reacted: “Hehe I’m about to use this on my biology teacher wish me luck.”

@Vickyhandel said: “Thank you for sharing this. “This girl will hear from me soon.”

@Joiejacobs64 said: “I just came back from a very different exam only to come online to see this message from my friend. My headache ceased instantly. “I’m finished.”

@jakeOttario said: “Wow, this is so cool.. a pickup line for any innocent girl out there.”

@4StarboyymiEezy said: “Thanks dear, I will send this to all my girlfriends and tweet a screenshots soon.”

@leon_ezuma said: “I used this on someone’s daughter,she replied that she is making use of social bundle.”

@CasiusClayy said: “I go use this line wound some people’s daughter.”

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