Leave My Name Out Of Your Mouth – EndSARS Frontliner, Moe Odele Warns Journalist David Hundeyin, After He Said A Man Is Bankrolling Her

Hundeyin alleged that her lifestyle is being funded by a man who is being investigated for fraud.

One of the front liners of the #EndSARS protest, Moe Odele has issued a stern warning to journalist, David Hundeyin, who in a tweet posted this morning insinuated that her expensive lifestyle is being bankrolled by a man.

David had tweeted ;

”Hi @Mochievous. How’s the family? Hope the story is finally carrying enough water for you? I just said I should greet.

Word on the street is GB won’t be able to fund your lifestyle much longer, if he still does. Next time pick your battles more carefully.”


Twitter users claim that the GB he is referring to is a Fintech executive who is allegedly being investigated for fraud.

Responding to David’s tweet, Moe wrote;

”Ah good evening David, family is well. Yours? I would have continued to ignore you like I’ve always done but I also know how dangerous a tweet like this can be. 1. “her lifestyle is being funded by a man” is pretty old material. This is 2022 2. Leave my name out of your mouth”

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