Let Igbos Go, We Have A Lot To Gain – Asari Dokubo Begs Tinubu (Video)

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Dokubo made the appeal in a video sighted online saying that Nigeria will stand a chance to gain more if they allow the Igbos to go.

Former militant leader, Asari Dokubo has begged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to allow Igbos have their own country.

He made the plea in a new video.

According to him, Nigeria will stand a chance to gain more if they allow the Igbos to go.

He urged lawmakers at the National Assembly to be courageous enough to sponsor a bill or constitutional amendment to allow the Igbos to have their own country.

In his words: “Please in the name of God, why do we allow these vicious cycles of irritation of one people claiming to be victims when they are really aggressors and people really offending others? Let us allow them to go.

“National Assembly let vote and allow them to go so that there would be more resources for other people to manage. We don’t even need a referendum, the president and National Assembly should meet and somebody courageous enough should sponsor a bill at the National Assembly, there should be a constitutional amendment, for the five Igbo states and any group of people who want to join them. Let them join the Igbos and go, it is a challenge, let the Igbos go.

“There is nothing I will do with the Igbo people and all these talks about releasing Nnamdi Kanu, the Igbos killing people, when the Igbos go, they can have him and make him their Messiah and savior or everything but let them go.

“We have a lot to gain if we give the Igbos what they are demanding and turn their own country into heaven on earth. National Assembly, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, I am begging you, let the Igbos go so that we too can rest and they will also rest.”

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