Let The Poor Breathe – Nigerians React As NNPCL Increases Pump Price To N617

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Let The Poor Breathe – Nigerians React As NNPCL Increases Pump Price To N617

Nigerians have condemned President Bola Tinubu and his government following the new increase in price of petrol.

Recall that Nigerians woke up on Tuesday to the news of an increase in the pump price of Premium Motor Spirit to N617/litre at some filling stations operated by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited in Abuja.

The petrol which was sold between N500 and N510, was also adjusted to N616 in Ibadan and environs.

In Lagos, the price of the product differs from one location to the next. A survey carried out by Vanguard correspondent in Lagos revealed petrol sold between N565 per litre to 617 at several filling stations visited.

Some residents in Ibadan said it would bring more hardship to the people as cost of transportation and food will be increased.

While speaking with Vanguard, some of the residents described what they referred to as ‘unannounced increment,’ as a calculated attempt to reduce the purchasing powers of Nigerians and increase hunger in the land.

Some of them who were of the opinion that Nigerians well-being and standard of living are being threatened, berated government for not providing needed palliatives before removing the fuel subsidy.

They, however, appealed to President Bola Tinubu to increase minimum wage, provide meaningful palliatives and fast track them to cushion the hardship Nigerians face at the moment.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have been expressing their grievances online, particularly on Twitter. 

@iam_doctormayor stated, “I heard that this morning at NNPC this is the latest price. Before we make a wish for a new Nigeria. Before we make a wish for rerun election. Before we make a wish for DSTV to reduce their subscription before #BBNaija will start. Let fuel price reduce first.

@wakawaka_doctor wrote, “1 litre of fuel is now 617 Naira. 50 litres of fuel = application fee for university of Vienna. Choose well 😅

@FS_Yusuf_  stated, “Right now, you need almost 50K to fill up your car fuel tank. On this mandate I stand!”

@Elkrosmediahub wrote, “Proposed N8000 monthly for the ‘poor’ , increased fuel price by over N100 per litre. By the time they are done with us, we woulda realized elections have consequences.”

@Morris_Monye stated, “Naira to dollar is high. Naira to pounds is high. Fuel price is high. Groceries is high. Minimum wage and your salaries LOW. Politicians salaries very high.”

@V_A_D_D_I_C_T “This new fuel price will favor me and my family.”

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