Luiza Rozova: Inside Putin’s Daughter’s Gaudy & Gold-Plated Penthouse (Pictures) 

Luiza Rozova: Inside Putin’s Daughter’s Gaudy & Gold-Plated Penthouse (Pictures) 

DETAILS about the gaudy and gold-plated luxury penthouse of Vladimir Putin’s secret daughter has surfaced online as she continues to flaunt her sickening wealth.

Revealing pictures show the property’s lavish interior as news of more civilian casualties filter through amid the bloody war in Ukraine.

The home is equipped with luxury rooms – suitable for a TsarCredit: East2West

Many features of the extravagant apartment in St Petersburg are gold platedCredit: East2West

Pictures from the German-linked estate agent Engel & Volkers show the extravagance of the gold-plated interiors – said to be the home of 19-year-old Luiza Rozova.

Experts say the designers flattered the “vanity” of the owner.

It is called “one of the most private complexes in St. Petersburg,” according to an investigation by BBC Russia.

Many believe it was built by a company associated with Rossiya Bank, seen as the financial institution of the president’s inner circle.

“The complex on Berezovaya Alley, where the apartment is for rent, is surrounded by a moat and is distinguished by solid classical architecture,” said the report

The first floor has a living room and terrace overlooking the River Neva while the second floor has a bedroom and a child’s room.

The third floor also includes a bar with a home cinema and a designer sun lounger “covered with gold foil”.

The property is the home to Putin’s alleged love child – Luiza RozovaCredit: Elizaveta Krivonogikh

The 19-year-old lives a life of luxury but has denied being the Kremlin President’s daughterCredit: East2West

It comes after Luiza Rozova, also known as Elizaveta Krivonogikh, was spotted last year DJ-ing in Moscow for her extravagant 18th birthday party.

The President is rumoured to have fathered her with Svetlana Krivonogikh, 45, who it’s claimed is a cleaner-turned-millionaire who owns a nightspot featuring “erotic shows”.

According to reports, the penthouse offered for rent on Kamenny Island in St Petersburg came into Krivonogikh’s possession the year after Luiza’s birth, and is believed to be where Putin’s “love child” was raised.

Krivonogikh’s name is not mentioned by the estate agent advertising the 447.4 square metre flat for rent – but her penthouse is known to be the only one of this precise size in the complex of 21 elite apartments.

It is believed the mother is currently seeking to rent out the swish apartment for £7,700 a month including utility charges.

Meanwhile, the pair reportedly now live in another £1.7 million home boasting “palace luxury” in the city.

The student – once active on social media – made her accounts private after being bombarded by a wave of outrage of the war in Ukraine launched by Putin.

She is the same age as many of the 19,000 men who have been sent to their deaths by the tyrannical leader.

Teenager Luzia has not commented on claims she was fathered by the Kremlin president, although the teenager told Russian GQ that she “probably” looks “similar” to a young Putin.

The Russian strongman has two daughters by his ex-wife Lyudmila, the former Kremlin first lady.

These daughters have been sanctioned – Dr Maria Vorontsova, 36, a geneticist, and Katerina Tikhonova, 35, a high-kicking ‘rock’n’roll’ dancer-turned-mathematician.

There are reports that Putin has hidden some family members in a chalet in neutral Switzerland – as another speculated that they are shacked up in a five-star hi-tech nuclear bunker in Siberia.

The apartment includes its own bar and cinema roomCredit: East2West

Source:The Sun


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