Jaystan the talented singer from Enugu State, South Eastern part of Nigeria. He is known for his amazing hit, this time around he is up with another hit 🔥 track featuring two popular Rap artist Enwaiz and A.J titled MALO. The song “MALO ” is a street anthem, that would motivate his fans hustle to hit it big in the outside world.

Malo by Jaystan features Enwaiz and AJ Lyrics


Jaystan yeyeye

Malo far away
Malo far away
Malo ma ,Malo ma ma

U see, no be today
Were me the pray to God, make em sign me
When the people just the hate me
And the street em no the praise me ye ye yeye
I done the over pray
Ki oluwa ba mi shé té mi
I wanna make it big in this life
Make I bless mama with rabba ye ye ye ye
Malo far away
Malo far away
Malo ma ,Malo ma ma (×2)
Rap ( Enwaiz)
Ok let’s go ,yea
Let me smile my jokes re no more dry
Talk about the success is God and me self try
The hustle wasn’t easy ,I believe i can fly
This is the day I’v been waiting for , smile is over the cry yeah
Is somehow funny how we take over the places
Cause we are made now they seeking our faces
Is not my fault that am gaining daily blessings
Hv seen the worst in the world
Blessing is amazing
It been a long time going at the same time it been a long time coping
As a hustler my time is all now Poppin’
All the sleepiness night and the midnight hopping
Gone at those days we not leaving just exiting
Music is the calling but no one is assisting
Studio to studio they say it’s time we are wasting
We kept on the pushing but now the vibe is interesting
Malo far away
Malo far away
Malo ma ,Malo ma ma(×2)
Rap ( A .J )
Its been a short time all the way
I came into the game
The street no show me love
Hustle ma self no wan pay
I wan go far away
Get the money and the fame
Show them how to play the game
Take my enemies unaware
Moti lo far away
Make money over again
Papa God show me way
Take bad energies away
Make the world hear my name in a 30billi gang
Make the world see my face in a milli milli car
I been no cash no fans gat no likes
Gat no swag the street treat me really bad
Mama pray for me you know say her blessings carry me high
Moti lo far away
Mo fe wa ti geng geng
Papa God shine my light
Leave my haters in the dark
Keep those motherfuckers alive so that they can see me shine
U know hustle must pay
Bow your heads and pray
Ask for life, grace, money and the fame
Malo far away
Malo far away
Malo ma ,Malo ma ma (×2)
No be today
When me the pray to God make em’ sign me
I don the over pray
Ki oluwa bá mi shé té mi
Moti lo lo lo
Make u pray for me
Make bad Belle people no the follow me
Anybody were love me
Abeg pray for me
Far away
Far away
Emí far away eeeh
Yeah yeah yeah yeah ye yeah
Oh oh
Follow me ,am on my way,
On my way
On my way eeeeh
Far away ,far away emí far away eeeh
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah , oh oh follow me

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