Man In The US Attends Bartender Interview With Facial Joystick Tattoo And Got Hired

A job-seeker landed himself a job despite getting a face tattoo hours before his interview – but viewers were shocked by how the inking looks.

Maiko Newell, from Connecticut, had sent out dozens of job applications as he was looking for a bartender position.

He also has a side hustle as a front man of a local band, Rakefire.

In a viral video he posted in July, Maiko got an inking on his face right by the eye.

“Wanna know something funny? I have a job interview at 4pm,” he says to the artist in a calm voice.

But the artist appears to be taken aback, replying: “Do you f***ing really?”

“Yeah,” Maiko confirms as he looks into camera, showing the face tattoo.

But viewers were confused by the bulbous shape that looks like a penis.

Maiko later clarified to his viewers that it was not a penis and he added: “I had many interviews before this one, my resume is pretty much back of the house.

I have some management experience and I have some surveying experience but I applied to be a bartender because that’s what I really want to do.

“And yeah, I got the job. Who wouldn’t hire me? Let’s be real.”

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