Man United have proven to be Chelsea biggest burden team,  Chelsea are about to play them four times and already, they have lost three games against them.  Now I’m going to briefly break down why Chelsea lost each game against them starting with the recent 2: 0  loss.

 in that game,  in particular Anthony Martial score from the header overpowering Christensen.

And for the second goal that was the Harry Maguire set piece from the corner. in that game in particular that was particularly frustrating because Chelsea scored two goals; a Kurt Zuma header and Olivier Giroud goal which were both disallowed.

 So, Chelsea had absolutely zero luck in that game and all their hard work paid off for nothing we move on to the second loss against Man United and that was the 2:1 defeat , where Michy Batshuayi got that goal they lost that goal again due to set pieces one coming from a Rashford’s  penalty and the other coming from probably one of the best free kicks scored in this season of football .

And for the first loss against Man united that was the 4: 0  humbling defeat where Chelsea were the better team , they controlled that game however as has been the case our entire season, Chelsea defeated theirselves,  they were terrible defending against the counter-attack and it was easy pickings for an experienced Man united team.

Now one thing Chelsea shared in particular in every single game was that they absolutely dominated possession , they had around 57 to 62 possession throughout those entire three games.  And what costs them in the end is Chelsea making their own mistakes and this is my worry for that game against man united .

When it comes to the actual game plan I feel confident, but as has been the case, this entire season is how well can the team playing on the day execute the system that Lampard’s worked on , because there’s no way Lampard expected any of those mistakes to come.

Chelsea have lost time and time again to Mourinho‘s experience , they lost from set pieces and corners and headers and terrible mistakes and counter attacks that we shouldn’t be giving away in the first place.

but now, Now Chelsea have the opportunity to make it four times lucky , hopefully they have learned enough as the season’s gone on and hopefully the team does feel confident knowing that they can take the game to man united’s , but now for this FA cup semi-final , this has to be the game where no mistakes are made and Chelsea aren’t defeating their self as they tended to do.  United’s experience in their physicality has paid off time and time again they’ve counter-attacked and it’s been very easy for them because they know how to exploit Chelsea weaknesses

So, against man united what is lampard going to be thinking about in particular,  what formations,  what lineups what is lampard thinking to rectify all the losses against man united this season ?

Because I feel like Chelsea can’t make it four losses in a row against this man united team right now,  United are looking quite potent they’re frankly in Greenwood marge and Rashford , They’ve been absolutely dominating against the bottom half teams in the table.

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So, now you guys now is an opportunity to prove how much Chelsea have learned,  how far they have come and hopefully with this advantage of having an extra 48 hours to prepare compared to man united who recently played against Crystal palace yesterday hopefully lampard and the team are fully ready and prepared for the game on Sunday.


Use the comment section below , if you have your own insightful thoughts and opinions, if you think there could be a smart solution to potentially get this win against Man United.

Make sure you let all of us, what is the best way to beat this Man United team after Chelsea have lost three games against them?

Already this game let me give you guys  my final score prediction, I mean it’s kind of obvious that i have to go for a win for Chelsea ,  i’m gonna go for a 2-1 win,  let us hope.

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