Manchester United are now in the front running for top 4 . Big things are going to happen and everything is changing at the moment but the one thing that stays the same is Manchester United’s Pursuit for the top 4 to win every game left remaining this season.

 Can  they  do it?  In this Manchester United vs Southampton match preview  and predictions, Now of course my predictions  is probably not going to be perfect , predictions is usually not perfect but at the end of the day it’s a relatively Close battle between Southampton and Manchester United  and   is going to be a rather difficult game compared to the most  recent ones .

 Let  get into  this,  the first thing I need to say especially when it comes to Southampton that this game is going to be just as difficult as any other game we’ve had in this period of the Premier League return,  the reason why is a very very good defensive team and then had a very good form . however Manchester United just like any other game that they played recently Manchester United need to win this game.  this is a must-win game for Manchester United

This match I predict   2-0 victory for Manchester United,  who’s going to score ? . Share the post and drop your prediction below in comment section

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