Mason Mount quotes show how excited Chelsea players are by statement signing

Chelsea fans are slightly split about the signing of Raheem Sterling. As always, there are a group who prefer the mystery of a player from abroad they know less about to a player they see every week in the Premier League.

But there’s clearly no such division within the players, who all seem super excited to have the winger onboard.

Just check out Mason Mount’s quotes in the Evening Standard today, where he spoke in glowing terms about Sterling’s game:

“I know Raz pretty well and I’ve been. When he doesn’t have the ball, he’s a massive threat so for him to now be with us, we’re delighted.

“We’re buzzing to play with him. He’s going to bring a lot to the group so it’s exciting times.

“We always have our competitions after training with England and he’s a top, top finisher. He’s a top-class player, one of the best in the world, so we just need to bring the best out of him. It’s a massive plus for us that he has chosen Chelsea.

“To bring a player like Raheem in, who has been a winner over the last years, is certainly going to make us stronger. We are going to do everything we can to push him and get that level out of him that you know you can. He can be so dangerous.

“I’ve witnessed and seen it playing on the pitch with him. He is very exciting to play with because you have that connection, you know what he wants. If you can give that to him, he is going to tear teams apart.”

That’s not just feigned for the cameras, you can tell that’s real excitement from Mount. He knows Sterling’s game better than most, and will surely be one of the major beneficiaries.

They both are keen pressers, and already have good chemistry from England duty. How could you not be excited by this linkup?

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