“Mercy Johnson Is Not Her Real Name” – Woman Who Claims To Be Mercy’s Mother Cries Out for DNA Test To Prove It (Video)

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“Mercy Johnson Is Not Her Real Name” – Woman Who Claims To Be Mercy’s Mother Cries Out for DNA Test To Prove It

A woman who looks strikingly similar to Mercy Johnson has claimed to be the actress’ biological mother.

She described how she had three children with a Nigerian from Kogi state after being married to him. When her mother from Cameroon arrived to inform her about her critically ill father’s want to see his grandkids before passing away, she was expecting her fourth child.

Mercy Johnson and her older brother Martin Ngei were left with their father and a specific woman when her husband instructed her to go with the last child.

For more than 30 years, she has been traveling to and from Nigeria in an attempt to locate her children.

She asserts that when Mercy was eventually located, the actress requested a DNA test to support her story. She visited Mercy’s husband, Prince Okojie, at the hospital.

She stated that Mercy’s husband claimed not to know her and that she was not the bride price recipient.

She assured him that her purpose in being there was not to steal his wife from him. Prince Okojie consented to foot the fee for the DNA test but instructed her to handle her own expenses.

This made the woman feel bad because she had used all of her money to travel to Nigeria.

She argued that because Mercy had been able to make ends meet on her own for so long, she wasn’t after Mercy’s money.

She also disclosed that Mercy was born in 1982 and that her birth name is Ngei Magdalene. She is ready to submit to the DNA test.

Mercy had invited her to Nigeria, but she has been struggling to survive as she has no home here.

“I gave birth to her at a private hospital in Benue state. She is aware that I am her biological mother and she knows that Mercy Johnson is not her real name. In fact when I came to Nigeria she asked me what’s my real name and I told her”, she said in part.

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