Mother Replaces Son’s School Bag With Sack Of Cement After Losing It Consecutively (Video)

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Mother Replaces Son’s School Bag With Sack Of Cement After Losing It Consecutively

A video has shown the moment a young boy broke down in tears after his mother gave him a sack of cement to replace his school bag which he keeps losing.

The fed-up mother decided to teach her son a lesson on the need to be more careful with his belongings.

According to the woman, her son loses his school bag almost every session and she replaces it for him without thinking twice.

However, she decided to do things differently this time by getting him a piece of cement sack which would hold his books and won’t cost her much in case he loses it again.

The young boy lost his temper while crying out his soul as he worries about the shame of going to school with a cement sack instead of his usual fancy backpack.

“Go to court if you don’t like your new bag; not every term haba,”
 she wrote while sharing the video.

Watch video below;

Reactions trailing boy’s cement sack bag

user8226502630768 wrote: “I kept breaking my lunch box until my mom put rice and stew for me inside white nylon😂 No be person tell me😩😂😂😂

Jennifer🦋 penned: “I remember when I lost my school bag in nursery 3 2 times before the term ends 😂my mom gave me her hand😂😂 bag as my new school bag I cry tire 😂😂

Monicanewinsky said: “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 when I noticed the “school bag” I almost fainted! mummy why?”

Onyxglam_ wrote: 😂This reminds me of when I was in jss1 and my mom bought me a bag, one of my classmates dragged and cut my bag, I dragged her to my house to explain”

Mkazy 💋❤ said: “The fact that his sisters were begging for him 🥺❤

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