My Boyfriend’s Father Tells Me My Body Turns Him On – Lady Cries Out

My Boyfriend’s Father Tells Me My Body Turns Him On – Lady Cries Out

A Ghanaian girl has publicly shared her catch 22 situation and it has to do with what her boyfriend’s father informed her.

According to this Ghanaian girl, the person who appears to be a promiscuous guy informed her to the face that her frame turns him on, and to make the object reasonably bizarre, the person has been sending her pictures of himself and stressful her with calls at evening.

At the instant, she does no longer know what to do and he or she is looking for recommendation. She made this identified in a letter to AJ Akuoko-Sarpong, the host of Citi FM/Citi TV’s Sister Sister display.

The letter reads;

“My fiancé and I’ve dated for two years and each households know and approve of our being in combination. The first time I met along with his dad, he complimented my curves and made the observation ‘My son has good eyes for good women, you took after your dad’.

At the time everybody laughed about this and I brushed it off.

Little did I do know that he was once in truth crushing on me and making advances towards me. For instance, I visited the home one afternoon, and unbeknown to me my fiancé wasn’t in. His dad hugged me while making the remark ‘I can hug you all day and never get tired of it’.

You must have observed the stunned glance on my face.

His movements stay escalating when he bought very revealing undies. It’s gotten to the purpose the place he calls at ungodly hours, sends footage of himself and continuously tells me that I flip him on and he can’t wait to have me. All that is making me uncomfortable.

I made up our minds to forestall attending gatherings held of their house and my Fiancé is offended about it.

Sisters, I’ve made up our minds to forestall attending gatherings on the area which my fiance is offended about however the sensual manner he appears to be like at me makes me unwell.

Andy (my fiancé) believes his dad is essentially the most disciplined guy ever and I don’t understand how to wreck this information to him.

Sisters, what must I do?”

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