My Ex-wife Married Me For My Money – Comedian, Julius Agwu

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My Ex-wife Married Me For My Money – Comedian, Julius Agwu

Popular actor and comedian Julius Agwu has accused his ex-wife, Ibiere Maclayton of marrying him because of money.

According to him, his refusal to consult God before getting married caused some of the issues he experienced in his marriage.

He spoke during a recent interview while discussing his marital problems and battle with a brain tumor.

According to Julius Agwu, his wife was drawn to him because of his wealth when they got married, and when he began to experience health problems, she made the decision to leave.

He said; “I believe that any marriage without God would not last. When I married my wife, I did not even consult God. Some of us got married when there was so much money, and at that time, practically every girl wanted to be with us. But, after marriage, if anything happens to one, they would say, “I don’t want this man again”. I suggest that people should consult God first before getting married.”

The 50-year-old actor also discussed his recovery from his failed marriage and claimed that although it had taught him a valuable lesson, he might one day think about marrying again.

Agwu said;

“Life is very good and enjoyable now. When that (separation) happened, I was fighting with a lot; thinking about my sickness and my family. I thank God, because I know everything happens for a reason. When there is life, there is hope. But, a time will come when I might reconsider marriage.”

When askef what he’s been doing in recently, he stated;

“The truth is that, one’s health comes first. I have been low-key, because I had a brain tumour surgery in 2015 in the United States of America. I thank God that I am alive. Many people who had that type of surgery did not survive it. I believe God loves me because of my good heart towards everyone.”

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