Hello , Do you know you can enjoy preloaded N200,000 credit thats can be used to browse, SMS and call Glo customers.

One good news is that the offer is not SIM selective, as all new prepaid customers on the Glo network and existing customers can enjoy it.

The  N200,000 Credit has 6 month validity. but the credit is not given at once. You unlock it on every recharge, Unlocked bonus has 14 days validity i.e customer has 14 days to use the unlocked data and voice bonus

To enjoy this offer  dial *224# to migrate to GLO Jumbo

• Please note most importantly that the entire N200,000 will be given but Price Point Recharges above will unlock the associated benefits.(Multiple Recharge and Benefits unlock accepted)
• Maximum amount customer can get as free airtime is the N200,000 .
• Credit amount is split into Main account and Bonus accounts. Recharge amount goes to Main a/c and balance goes to voice and data bonus accounts. Dial #122*23# to check bonus balance
• Customer recharges and accesses the free airtime based on the amount of recharge made subject to a maximum of N200,000.
• For example, if a customer on Jumbo recharges N100, his/her FREE N200,000 is depleted by N2,200 which is made available for his/her usage as detailed in the table above. N100 goes to Main account, N500 goes to Bonus account and he receives 50MB data bonus (valued at N1,600). Main account is for any type of usage (data, SMS, local and international calls) while voice Bonus account is for only Glo to Glo calls at 80k/s.
If the same customer makes a 2nd recharge of N500, the sum of N11,000 is depleted from the balance of N198,000 left of the FREE Airtime. Of the N11,000 received, N500 goes to Main a/c and N2,500 goes to voice Bonus account and 250MB (valued at N8,000) is received in data bonus account . Customer now has N187,000 left in the unlocked Jumbo Bonus account which can be accessed when the next recharge is made.

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