Netizens Reacts As Comedian Trinity Guy In His Skit Asks Minor About Attributes Of His Manhood, Video Trends

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Popular PRO has asked for the arrest of Ibadan-based skitmaker Abdullahi Maruff Adisa, also known as Trinity Guy, over a child prank film in which he is shown torturing a child.

CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer, has stated that popular skit maker Trinity Guy should charged to court and be jailed and  for a child extreme prank film.

This comes only days after the Police Prosecutor called for his arrest following his latest costly prank in which he is seen pretending to be slain by a bullet, terrifying unsuspecting pedestrians.

However, in a retro prank that went viral online, Trinity Guy was seen questioning a small girl about the characteristics of his manhood.

In the video, the Trinity Guy was seen asking the minor about his canal knowledge by asking how does his “thing” look like.

Responding, the little girl who is scared after being threatened said she actually saw Trinity Guy ‘Thing”.

She said that the “Thing” is light in completion and Trinity Guy in the video was seen rolling on the floor during the prank.

Watch the video below;

However, netizens have started expressing their utmost displeasure over the video of Trinity Guy with the minor as they labeled it as being distasteful.

@Layne8624:  Be like say village people don Dey get hand for this guy matter small small.

@CoolZiggy1:  I am a huge fan of his but this was not necessary at all. It disgusts me.

@MappingReveals:  I need this video explained to me like a 5-year-old.

@IamDyzee: Arrant nonsense.

@Seyibabs2:  Trinity daran poooo.

@iamskide: It’s high time they clamped down on some of these supposed ‘skit-makers’ coz some of them play outrageous/preposterous pranks.

@OKOYAONE:  His arrest is long over due, pls act very fast on it.

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