Nigerian Comedian Gets Car Gift After Attempting To Break Guinness World Record (Photo)

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MC Walter via his Instagram shared the news on Wednesday via Instagram.

A Nigerian comedian, MC Walter has received a car gift from the Ebonyi state government after he completed a 130-hour entertainment marathon in Abakaliki.

MC Walter announced the car gift from the government on his Instagram page.

The comedian disclosed that he had the aim of setting a Guinness World Record by entertaining fans and spectators with non-stop entertainment for over five days.

Governor Francis Nwifuru gifted him a new SUV to encourage him.

Sharing the news on Instagram, he wrote: “I met the Governor at the Government House. I was not expecting anything like this. I’m happy and so grateful.

“Earlier today I was received by the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State, His Excellency @francisogbonnanwifuru and the Ebonyi State Exco Chamber where I was truly honored beyond my expectations with a Toyota Fortuner SUV car as a gift.

“Thank you so much Your Excellency for supporting Ebonyi Entertainment (Me).”

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