Nigerian Doctor Laments About The Humiliating Experience She Had At The Nigerian Embassy In New York

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She took to Twitter to lament over the alleged humiliating experience she had at the Nigerian Embassy in New York.

Addy Olubanji, a Nigerian doctor in New York, has talked about how she was reportedly humiliated.

She took to Twitter to lament over the alleged humiliating experience she had at the Nigerian Embassy in New York. 

In a post shared on Twitter, Addy stated that she went to the Embassy with her family to get their Nigerian passports. She however said that the way they were all treated left her in shock. She claimed the staff belittled them and treated like they do not matter, and this left her in tears. 

While some Nigerians also shared their own nasty experiences at other Nigerian embassies around the world, others mentioned that the Nigerian embassies in Ottawa and Australia are quite efficient in the discharge of their duties.

She wrote: Yesterday, I was at Nigeria House in New York with my family to get our passports.

If I write about my experience, it will go viral. How they talked us down, treated us like we don’t matter, the inconsistencies in their processes, late arrivals of employees, lack of empathy and I was moved to tears.

Let it be known that when diasporans try to stay patriotic to our country Nigeria, the systems kept making it difficult for us. We shouldn’t have to cry or plan to bribe or know that the system will not work. Why? No, I didn’t call anyone I knew to help me. I wanted to experience this like I didn’t know anyone and I am still in disbelief.

Yes I want to write nice things about my country but when things aren’t working, it is also our responsibility to say it. I started asking myself why I wanted to renew this passport and why I wanted it for my child. That’s how much they humiliated us. Someone needs to look into the structures and systems running in our Nigeria embassies around the world, it needs to be looked at. 

Before leaving, I told them if I am pushed I will make sure to bring this to twitter and ensure the government knows what that are doing.

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