NIMC Is Trying To Make Me Loose International Job. Please Help

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NIMC Is Trying To Make Me Loose International Job. Please Help

I don’t know what to do again! I got an international job which will require me to work from Nigeria and I have submitted all other document but the company is not accepting my NIN Slip. They said it is one-faced Id and cannot be accepted.

I downloaded the NIMC App and tried to activate my account but no OTP is send to my mobile phone number.

I went to the NIMC state headquarter in the state I live and complained. They checked my email and phone number in their system and all are correct. They told me to keep on trying the App. I have been trying the App day and night and no OTP was send to activate my account.

I was asked to check if the plastic one is ready for collection. The web page ( does not exist.

I tried to check the status of the plastic one if it is ready through their website – The page is no longer existing. Everything about NIMC is not working now.

I even make attempt to get driver’s license, I was told it will take 60 days to be ready.

Please what will I do again. I don’t want to loose this job. I have send messages to different emails in NIMC but no response. I have submitted the police clearance certificate containing my 10 fingerprints yesterday but they still insist I will not be assigned roles until national ID is provided and the documentation period deadline is Monday 10/07/2023

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